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April Income Report

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The purpose of these monthly income reports is to keep myself accountable, to track my earnings and to inspire others. It is possible to make a good living online. In one of my busiest months last year, I made half of what I used to make in a year in only a month.

This income is made through advertising on my blogs and at this stage I have no intention of sharing any of my other blogs on this site. It is to protect them and to keep them private. If and when this blog starts to make any income I will list that separately so you can see how it’s doing.

Total for the month of March:

$13,585.62 New Zealand Dollars

Difference from previous month: + $2 473.28 NZD

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Wahoo! I did better this month, which I think is mostly due to having a bit more free time as my family emergency wound down mid-way through the month. I’m happy with that as that’s an extra $600 odd dollars a week which basically covers my expenses. I’m feeling really positive about this increase and so I’m setting myself a really ambitious goal: I want to earn $20,000 in the month of May.

Yes, $20,000 is a lot of money and it’s a big goal. It might not be achievable, but I think it’s a case of believing it’s possible, working towards it and seeing what happens. I really believe your thoughts create your destiny, so I’m thinking about earning that 20k.

Changes I’m planning to make in the month of May:

Be More Aggressive:
Spending more time following up emails and emailing clients that haven’t got back to me will result in more sales, which results in more money. I need to be more aggressive and more organised and I believe this will make a big difference to my monthly income.

Find More Clients:
I think if I spend a little time researching or ask my virtual assistant to do some research (read my post on hiring a virtual assistant here) then I can probably find a bunch of fresh contacts who might be quite interested in working with me. I think it’s a bit of a stab in the dark, but I’ve done this in the past with some success. Using the email addresses I already have for certain companies I can find their email format (e.g. and then research their staff at the company who do relevant SEO positions and “cold call” email them! It’s a bit sneaky, but it’s resulted in a few deals in April and definitely helped boost my income so I want to do some more.

Record My Expenses: 
Yes, I’m a terrible business person who’s poorly organised. This negatively impacts my business in so many ways. One way I’m going to combat it is by listing all my monthly expenses in a spreadsheet, such as my writer’s fees and hosting expenses. This will help me really focus on what part of my business is profit and what’s an expense. Bare in mind when I post my monthly income reports that it is prior to Paypal taking their nice juicey fee off all my transactions!

I have a really great feeling about the month of May and can’t wait to report back with my earnings. I hope you have a great month too!

What changes are you making for the month of May? Comment below, even if they aren’t business related.