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March Income Report

11.98K 20

So, things have been a little quiet around here. I’ve been getting my life back to how I want it to be. I’ve been busy; I’ve found an apartment, a moto, a boyfriend and even convinced one of my best friends to move to Guatemala, so needless to say life is GOOD.

After the breakup I felt really lost and I needed a lot of mental space from work. Business was going great, mostly due to the fact I had outsourced almost everything. But I was struggling. I felt burned out. I wanted a break, so a break I had.

March has been the first month where I’ve been really seriously hustling in my business. I changed a few things, which have made a big difference and I’m thrilled to announce that March was my BIGGEST month of earnings, ever, and not that far away from my ‘magic’ number goal.

Tonight I’m off to Tikal with my boyfriend and then in less than two weeks I’ll be heading to the states and Europe. My plan is to work really hard the first half of this month, before I head off, then relax and enjoy the semi passive income.

Curious how I did in the month of March? Read on:

March Income Report

$26 753.92 New Zealand Dollars or $19955.62  US Dollar

Insert  happy dance. Considering this amount is tax free, that is a little crazy… I’m extremely pleased. I want to push push push push push and push as much as I can before I go home to New Zealand in June. I plan to set up some investments there so I can start diversifying. Having all my eggs in one basket is scary and dangerous.

I didn’t have any goals for March except to hustle and I think it’s safe to say that went well.

Goals for April

Outsource More:
I love a new month, I love a fresh start. I have a few goals for this month. I just posted a new job on Elance to hire someone to help with specific areas of my business, such as social media, research for my travels and contact hunting. The secret, for me, to making more money is to have more websites or more contacts, so…  I want to find more contacts, but I want to outsource this.

Have a Fantastic Holiday:
I’m super excited about this trip as I’m meeting up with some friends at Coachella I haven’t seen in a year. Then I’m meeting up with some other friends I haven’t seen in a year in Europe. Life is good, I’m blessed. I’m going to: LA, Coachella, Copenhagen (first time!), Barcelona, Costa Brava (first time), Santorini (first time), Athens (first time) and back to Istanbul. The best part? I can’t wait to come back to Guatemala.

Maintain or Improve This Income Level:
This month was a big jump up from the previous month, so I’d really love to maintain it or better yet, improve on it. I’m around $3,500 away from hitting my magic number. I would love for that to happen in April!

How was your month or March? Did you earn more or less than the previous month? Let me know in the comments below.