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September Income Report

9.89K 10

Woah, so September has been pretty life changing. I am now a single lady with the freedom to do whatever I want and it’s so liberating. I’ve also started trying to outsource everything so I can be a lot more free and enjoy life more. It’s going well so far.

Due to the nasty break up there were about 2 weeks where I didn’t really work. I just did yoga, ate raw food and had amazing conversations. It wasn’t a bad way to spend two weeks, but I felt guilty and was apprehensive that it would be my worst month ever. WRONG!

The income published is made through advertising on my network of blogs. I keep the blogs, except from Wealth Way Online private – this is to protect them, my business and my income.

July Income Report:

$18460.05 New Zealand Dollars or 14359.98 US Dollar

That’s $3 578.75 more than I made in August. Hooray! So I survived a huge life changing experience, spent two massive days in transit, 3 days in hospital (I’m fine) and 2 weeks not really working and managed to come out that much ahead? Amazing. I’m VERY pleased and excited about my future.

Total Wealth Way Online Income: $1029.72 – I’m happy with that. It’s up on last month. It’s also about what I imagine my monthly expenses will be when I’m in Guatemala. How cool that this blog, all by itself, could pay for my life? Yes!

My Goals for last month were: exercise more (tick), break the $20 mark (not yet, but closer) and work on social media more (tick – I outsourced this a bit).

So I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself considering. I also feel pretty financially liberated as my ex was quite a big financial drain on me, and despite him earning an income from what I had taught him, we were not on the same playing field AT ALL. So it’s nice to be single and free to do what I want with my money.

Goals for October

Hit $20,000: It’s going to happen. Yes. That is all.

Detach: Now I’m outsourcing almost everything to my VA, I need to let go. I still have my emails on my iPhone. I need to get rid of them. I need to leave it to her!

Be Ridiculously Kind to Myself: The break up was pretty crappy. He was my best friend, so I lost a lot that day. I’m being kind to myself, this week I’ve taken myself out shopping a few times. New FCUK dress? OK! New shoes? OK! New skirt? OK! Massage, manicure, pedicure? SURE! I’m giving myself whatever I want, because I just want to be kind to myself. I’ve been saying for AGES I want to upgrade my wardrobe, so I’m doing it slowly. Although, considering I plan to visit NY in 1-2 months, I think I should wait a little… the shopping’s apparently really great there!

So there we go, not a bad month for me, at all. I spent quite a lot on last minute flights to leave Thailand after I found out what happened, and then also on last minute flights back to Thailand to hang out with my friend. But it’s nice being able to afford to give myself what I need (and want) to heal and move forward.

The truth is, early on in our relationship I doubted we would have an exceptional life. I worked hard and stressed a lot about money so we would have the level of financial security I felt comfortable with. The longer we date, the less I doubted us having an exceptional life – I saw it as possible. But it is only since we’ve broken up that I can truly see how much MORE exceptional my life will be without him.

What were your goals for September? How did you get on? I’d love to hear about it!