Growing Online Income

Hello and Welcome to my Personal Finance Blog!

It’s lovely to have you here.

My name’s Christine Berry and I’m from New Zealand. I’m in my mid twenties and I’m obsessed with travel. I started making money online from blogging on my travel blog and it’s evolved into something slightly bigger than that. I have started this blog, Wealth Way Online to document my journey to increasing my online income, diversifying my income streams, growing my wealth and just navigating my personal finance journey. I want to be accountable, honest and approachable, so that you have any questions, you feel comfortable asking me.

Right now our goal is to become location independent and a non tax resident of anywhere– which means we’ll hopefully pay no tax. We’ll travel the world, earning money online, leveraging the currencies of cheaper places while seeing a little more of this world.

I think that most people find themselves on the traditional path: education, work, marriage, babies, buying a home, retirement and then life is over. I want to do things differently – I want to strike a balance between preparing for the future and living in the moment. I think life’s too short to wait until retirement to do the things you love or dream of.

Thanks so much for dropping by and feel free to contact me , leave me a comment or connect on social media – I would really LOVE to hear from you.