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How to Make Extra Money by Writing Articles

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Depending on your level of expertise and experience with writing, a very lucrative income can be made writing articles. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it may be working as a volunteer contributor for several blogs or startup websites. Those are good places to start but eventually, it is time to start getting paid for what you do. There are several options to getting your feet wet as a content provider.

Content Writing Services

Several content writing services exist. Their pay all varies depending on the platform and the type of work available. Content writing services such as Vorongo pay a bit less than what you can get on your own but it is a good place to start. The variety of topics to choose form on the mills helps you to broaden your horizons as a writer.

It also helps you to make a name for yourself as you create a resume of experience for private clients.

Online Client Search Forums

Large database websites that offer work at home positions often have article writing jobs available. In these situations, you can submit proposals or bids for the work. In most cases, the best price wins but there are times when a client is looking more or quality than price. It is ideal to include small pieces of your previous writings as samples to show your talents and to help establish a primary niche for your writing career.

Create a Website

Once you are sure that a career in writing is what you want, building a website is a good idea. The link to this website can be posted in hundreds of content writer forums, on job websites, business cards and a variety of other options. A website allows you to introduce yourself to those needing content. You can create a general price structure if you wish, or quote clients individually. Your portfolio, work experience and biography are all in one place and this is an ideal option when working alone, to simply showcase yourself to potential clients.

New writers tend to sell themselves short. This is because the work that is available in abundance is often low paying. For the most part, a higher volume of this work is available, and if you type fast and can complete a thought from start to finish, this can be lucrative financially. To be successful as a writer, it is important to develop a personal style, be able to market to a specific niche and must be able to complete high-quality work every time.