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The Rise in Popularity of Online Services

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More and more of our lives are online – many of us work online, chat with loved ones online whether it’s Skype or on Facebook. New online services are popping up on a weekly basis with the aim disrupting traditional services more than they ever imagined. Can you remember the last time you looked in a physical phone book? Me either! There are so many online services that are gaining in popularity, offering competitive pricing, and allowing us to do more faster in our daily lives. Here are some of my favourite online services that you might not have considered using yet:
1. Personal Training
Online personal training might sound a little weird, but the truth is it can be a great alternative when you live far away from a studio or have a tight schedule. You can choose what hours work for you, find a personal trainer that suits your budget and reduce your limitations to exercising. It can give you access to the expertise of leading online PT’s for a much lower price when compared to meeting them face to face.
Chris Gregory personal trainer at UP Sydney CBD gym believes its often worth trying to combine both face to face sessions and online sessions for maximum results, “The small tweaks in technique combined with the intensity and atmosphere that can be created in a great facility is a very difficult thing for a client to recreate on their own, but if you have experienced it first hand then naturally you have a much better chance” There are also pre packaged downloadable courses that some personal trainers offer that can be a great option for getting on a regime while on a budget.
2. Online Real Estate Agents
If you’ve ever sold a house, then you know the entire process can wind up pretty expensive. Finding an online real estate agent or using an online house listing service can be a great way to reduce selling costs while increasing exposure. Sites like PurpleBricks and Yopa have disrupted the stars quo. Likewise, if you’re in the market to find a house to rent or buy, there are often numerous options online that you can easily browse with the click of a button. One of the reason I strongly prefer using online real estate agents is that I can easily filter through available properties to see options that suit my budget and requirements.
3. Virtual Offices
Have you considered shifting elements of your work or business online? The truth is there are many advantages to using virtual offices and virtual staff. For one, the overheads go right down. It is much cheaper to rent virtual office services than to have a physical office with numerous running costs like rent, electricity and in person staff members. It may be more economical to consider working with overseas staff, such as a virtual assistant located in another time line. It can mean that they work while you sleep and you can wake up to your business moving forward in leaps and bounds.
No matter the motivation for turning to using more online services, they can be a great way for you to not only save more money, but to have plenty of options in whatever market you are searching in.