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How to Make Money Online During Covid-19

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During the Covid-19 lots of people lost their jobs and now they will have to stay at their homes. The situation is really uncertain due to the fact that employers are not going to hire anyone in these pandemic times. Almost 60% of the work was transferred to our own homes and this is the reason why we will have to start thinking “how to make money online during the COVID-19 quarantine”.

We have prepared a short article with some very interesting and encouraging tips of how you can stay safe at home and in the meantime to win some extra money so you can help your living. Some of the suggestions do not require any investment or funding as they are absolutely free, as long as you have the desire to read and understand them.

Become a Freelancer

There are many freelances’ platforms where you can create a free account and try your luck. All you will need to have is a bright idea what exactly you can offer. There are thousands of projects being released on a daily basis and you will have a big choice which will have to match your skills and interests. In most of the platforms like UpWork, you can attach your LinkedIn profile so the employers can see your testimonials. No matter what type of person you are, you can easily find an online project and help many companies all around the world.

Start Your Own Drop shipping Website

A few years ago, the drop shipping was very popular among the online marketers due to the fact that they were putting almost 100% overpricing of all products which were selling on the internet. Nowadays, the online stores of China are decreasing all drops shipping websites, though it is still a very good business for the very experienced sale assistants. There is absolutely no importance whether you are going to use Amazon or eBay, it can bring you some really nice profit. All over the internet, there is tons of information about this kind of business, so you can educate yourself easily.

Playing Online Games

In the past, playing bingo online was a game for fun. Nowadays, it is something completely different. Many people prefer to play it in order to win some money. A few years ago, it was almost impossible to find a trusted online bingo website while the local bingo halls were very popular. Now it is completely different as the web portals all over the internet are competing for the customers, attracting them with decent bonuses. Some of these bingo sites can be reached here.

Become a Video Streamer/Influencer

It is not that hard to start making videos and to upload them online. Though, you will need some serious investments like buying a really good camera. After all, if you want to challenge the most popular Vloggers you will have to do it that way (more professionally).

Alternatively, you can try using your mobile phone if the camera of the device is good enough (like on the new iPhones, for example). There are lots of streaming portals such as Twitch and YouTube. You can create interesting videos and upload them on the already mentioned platforms.

Once you are becoming popular, you can find a marketing agency and sign a contract or just start promoting different things using your video blog. YouTube can pay you well if you have 10 000+ followers/subscribers too.

The Bottom Line

No matter which way is better for you in order to start making money online, you will have the freedom to choose. Of course, there are many other ways of how you can start making money while you are locked down because of this COVID-19 virus. After all, we would like you to be safe and protect yourself.

With this article, we tried to provide you with some options about how you can generate nice monthly income and at the same time to stay at home. If you think that some of the ways of making money online are good enough, feel free to try them. Otherwise, you can use the examples to think about your personal unique tips for working from home and winning some decent cash.