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The New Plan

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It’s almost been two weeks since my life was flipped upside down. I’ve had two weeks to miss him, to cry, to want him back, to think of all the good things and all the bad things… and just generally be very confused about what I wanted from life. I kept wondering if this was really, truly how it’s going to end. I keep thinking maybe one day in future… blah blah…

He hasn’t messaged me, he hasn’t called, he hasn’t really apologised… so I don’t think we’re going to work through this any time soon, so I need to move on with my life.


It was really hard. I feel like we had this long string of plans, short term plans, long term plans and I have spent the past 2 weeks rolling it up and eventually tossing it aside. It sucked because so many of those plans EXCITED me. I wanted them to come true more than anything else, but they haven’t.

When you work online, are single, have no dependents and are not attached to your home country… your options are unlimited. That is amazing. AMAZING. But it is also terrifying.

What should I do? Where should I go? What if I make the “wrong” decision? What if I don’t like it… the list goes on and on and on.

I have *Finally* made a plan that excites me a lot, so of course I wanted to share them!

Fly to Bangkok next week.

I’ll be spending a month in Thailand with a good friend of mine, who is also a travel blogger. We’ll get boozy, we’ll go shopping, we’ll work (hooray) and we’ll just generally have some good times together. I’m excited.

Then I’m going to go to NEW YORK! 

… New York?

The other day I found a list of the top three places I wanted to travel to when I was 21. It was: Prague, New York and Lima. I’ve been to Prague, many many many times, but never New York nor Lima.

It’s time.

I always imagined myself being young, single and broke in New York eating a cupcake in Central Park.

Yeah, I dream big. I’m going to go to New York, go shopping, explore this beautiful city and get really, really lost.

After New York I’m going to head to Guatemala.

I have been told by many people they think I’ll love Guatemala. I wanted to volunteer and I spent 5 hours searching for great places near Buenos Aires to volunteer, but haven’t found anything yet. I found a great place in Guatemala that looks *just right* for what I want to do now. I’ve messaged them to see if it will work out okay with when I’m visiting.

I’ll need to take a month long intensive Spanish course first to get my Espanol up to speed, then I’m going to set aside around 3 months to volunteer in Guatemala.

I want to give without expectation.

I will be working full time there, so will need to get my business to the point where it basically runs without me, which might be challenging. The volunteering schedule is 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, with 22 days on and 8 days off.

Guatemala is somewhere else that has potential tax benefits for me as someone who works and earns online.

After then, who knows? I’m sure I’ll know closer to the time. Maybe a yoga retreat. Maybe South America.

Maybe more volunteering.

Maybe more travel.

I’m just following my heart and I’m excited.