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4 Great Escapes for Self-Employed Workers

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There comes a time in every self-employed workers day where they throw their hands in the air and desperately need to get away from the laptop screen for a while. The beauty of being a freelancer is that, if you do get up and wander out the door, you won’t be fired as a result. It’s a perk that needs to be taken advantage of.

But where do you go when you reach the point where you need a break? Here are four great escapes for freelancers that will do a mixture of things, from inspiring you to engaging the brain.

Get Some Culture

Museums. Art galleries. Cinemas. These are all open during working hours and less likely to be busy during the working week, which means you can spend time away from work in an environment that will interest, intrigue and inspire you, whether it’s looking at modern art masterpieces or watching the latest Marvel superhero film. There aren’t many better ways to spend time away from work than learning about the history of a subject, so consider visiting your local museums when you need a break from work.

Find Your Local Hiking Trails

Whether you live in a big city, small town or in the countryside, a great hiking trail is never far away, and is a superb way to get the creative juices flowing again by stretching those legs and freeing the mind of all of its burdens. Whether it’s a stroll around Central Park in New York or strolling up the hills of the Welsh valleys, every destination on earth has amazing places to explore by foot. You just have to source them out, and wear the correct footwear so you don’t get blisters.

Solve Some Mysteries

In the last few years, interactive games such as the Escape Room Arlington and many other cities have launched have become hugely popular with people who want to solve a mystery with family members and/or friends, and have a great time while doing it. These kinds of games are a superb escape from the daily grind for self-employed workers, as they engage the brain while giving you a chance to hang out with friends or loved ones in a fun, challenging environment. Each task is 60 minutes long, and plenty of those minutes will be spent laughing and yelling at each other.

Get Away From It All

A common mistake made by freelancers is that they stop going on vacation because they fear that they’ll be left behind by clients. It’s understandable, but avoidable; you just need to know ways to go about it. One way is to inform your clients in the lead up to you going away, so that they understand that you won’t be available. However, if you still want to work, you can take your laptop with you and take a trip to somewhere local, so that you are still on the same time zone as your clients but when you’re not busy, you can go and explore the area and enjoy yourself. It’s so important that self-employed workers don’t work themselves into the ground and not explore the world (even if it’s not on the other side of it), so consider a vacation as a great must-have escape, at least once a year.