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August Income Report

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Well this is my first income report from the road! The start of the month was going really well and I was hoping to break that elusive $20,000 barrier and then everything seemed to go wrong: I couldn’t find decent WIFI and my laptop has broken down. There’s something wrong with the WIFI which made it basically impossible to work for a week!

In saying that, I am still happy with the final number. If you haven’t read it yet, check out my post on my first month in Asia wrap up – it explains a lot of the reasons why I think my income is down, but how I have saved a LOT of money on travel in other ways.

The income published is made through advertising on my network of blogs. I keep the blogs, except from Wealth Way Online private – this is to protect them, my business and my income.

July Income Report:

$14881.30 New Zealand Dollars or 12435.93 US Dollar

That’s 2606.99 less than I made in the month of July. Considering that amount of money alone would cover my living expenses in Asia, I am a little bummed.

But it’s also, oddly enough, roughly the amount of money I have saved on my living expenses by spending that month in Bali.

Total Wealth Way Online Income: $794.28 which is a pretty big drop from last months! That’s almost half of last month… I need to hustle more.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

I think it’s hard to be disappointed because it’s still a great month’s income, but I don’t like feeling like I am going backwards. I am determined to get back to the $20,000 mark and that’s definitely my goal for this month. I want to have it all: travel AND a growing business.

September Goals

I have three main goals for September:

1) Exercise More:
I need to make exercise a priority for myself. I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds and I would like to be healthier and fitter in general.

2) Break the $20,000 Mark:
I would LOVE to get past this barrier again. I was so excited when I first crossed it way back in May, and I want to do it again. It’s just $5,000 a week. I can do it!

3) Work on My Blog’s Social Media:
I want to grow my travel blog into a real resource. I need to work more on the social media. I have even hired someone to help me with my Instagram and Twitter for my travel blog so we will see how that goes!

How was the month of August for you? Up? Down? The same?

Let me know in the comments below!