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I have a secret addiction:

 I love to read monthly income reports. I love to see what other people are up to, how much they are making and what mistakes they’ve made (and learned from).

The thing about the Internet is it has opened a lot of doors. You’re limited by your imagination and maybe your typing speed.

I think seeing what other people earn, especially if it’s more than you currently earn, is really inspiring so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite sites that share their monthly income reports:

Smart Passive Income – This is no secret to anyone who’s interested in making money online, especially passive income. Pat is a bit of a legend online and he’s very impressive $75,000 last month is just huge. That’s more than double my goal and very inspiring. Initially he started making money through selling an online study guide and expanded to adsense websites. Now the majority of his money is made from his website, Smart Passive Income and the links and products his loyal readers click on and buy.

Making Sense of Cents – Michelle is a young wife who’s quickly managed to get rid of her student loan debt and even bought a house at a ridiculously young age. She posts monthly income reports as well as blog posts about everything to do with finance and savings. We earn about the same amount per month, although she does a lot of freelance writing and contracting as well to make up her income.

Rat Race Grad – Jennifer’s blog documents her efforts to make money online and leave the rat race. The bonus is she’s a world traveler, and it’s obvious it’s one of her big passions and driving forces behind her goal towards financial freedom. She does monthly breakdowns so you can see where her money is coming from as well as giving tips for earning money online.

Authority Website Income – Jon is very technical with his monthly income reports and is around the $10,000 per month mark which is where I’m sitting too. So it’s really cool to see what other people in the same league are earning. This is just a “side” income for him (although a very large one) as he’s still kept his job. He’s focusing on websites that generate passive income.

Pinch of Yum – Lindsey’s a food lover who’s blog generates a pretty impressive income, over the $15,000 per month mark after expenses. She even breaks down where her income comes from and all her expenses so you can clearly see what’s going on. Even though we’re in very different niches, I love reading her monthly reports and tips.

So these are my favourite blogs that post monthly income reports.

Do you have any that you read regularly? Feel free to post them in the comments below.