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5 Motorcycle trends for women

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Females have traditionally been shunned by motorcycle companies who marketed solely to men as they assumed women were uninterested in riding on the open road. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Here are 5 motorcycle trends for women:

  1. Companies are catering to females

Just 20 years ago, it was almost impossible to find a company catering specifically to women. Motorcycles and the industry around them was considered to be mostly a “man’s world”, and women were largely ignored. Today, companies are continually targeting women of all ages with products like a ladies motorcycle jacket and aiming to turn them into loyal customers.

Harley Davidson has begun a garage party program which helps women learn about basic maintenance and bike handling without the pressure. These types of programs are attractive to women and encourage them to become involved in the industry.

  1. More motorcycle events for women

We’re also now seeing many more events catered towards female riders. And older events are now beginning to target women, who were previously not offered much. Over the past four to five years, there have been more women-focused booths at different motorcycle-related events, and events created specifically for women in the industry.

  1. More women are riding

Women now make up more than 25% of motorcyclists. This is an increase of 25%, and experts are predicting an equal split within the next 20 years if the growth rates stay the same. 60% of female riders have taken a motorcycle safety course, compared to just 42% of males. These female riders are also learning how to do their own maintenance.

  1. Younger women are buying motorcycles

Numbers are skewing to the younger generation, with 18-35 year olds owning the most motorcycles. This is a positive trend as we can expect younger generations to increasingly choose motorcycles in the future. While the median age for male riders is 48, it’s 39 for female riders. The good news? The younger generation can afford to ride, with plenty of cost-effective products like cheap alpinestars jackets.

  1. More motorcycle clubs for women

There are now hundreds of motorcycle clubs which cater exclusively for females across Canada and the United States. These allow women to regularly meet up, share ideas and knowledge, and enjoy their motorcycling hobby together. Women On Wheels is a good example, which has more than 1,500 members globally.

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