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Tips for Furnishing Your Home on a Budget

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Surrounded by glossy magazines everywhere and by Pinterest boards that feature the absolute perfection in terms of home décor, we can be very much tempted to believe that having a beautiful home has to cost a fortune.

It doesn’t, actually. You can have a nice-looking home without breaking the bank and even if you are running on a tight budget. And this does not only include small “touches” here and there, but “large” changes as well – such as furnishing your home, for example.

How can you furnish your home on a budget? Here are some great tips to follow through with:

Invest in Some Quality Pieces

This might go against most budget advice, but in my experience investing in a few quality pieces goes a long way. Whether it’s a luxurious table that you hope you can pass down to future generations, or something a little more abstract, you want something that can last. Often these pieces have a higher price point, but when you consider their quality and staying power, they end up being almost a steal!

Buy Second-Hand

You would be amazed at the amount of absolutely gorgeous things you can find in second-hand sale announcements, yard sales and stores, even when it comes to furniture! With a bit of patience, you can really find really nice pieces of furniture for your home – and with a bit of attention to detail, you can restore them with almost no money at all. The key is to not rush and keep searching for those precise pieces you need to complement the “look” of your house.

Do It Yourself

You don’t have to be an actual carpenter to make basic pieces of furniture. With a bit of creativity (and with some good instructions, which, thankfully, the Internet doesn’t lack at all), you can make your own coffee table or you can build amazing ottomans, footstools and even beds with pallets. Even more than that, there are tons of sources online that show you how to upscale and repurpose old furniture as well. This may take a bit of time and imagination, but the truth is that you can come up with some very amazing things that are personal, not expensive and great looking too.

Free Furniture

Yes, you read that right. It may sound amazing, but you can get free furniture that is in good state as well. Going through your neighborhood and seeing if anyone doesn’t want to get rid of pieces of furniture in their own home (or asking your friends and family the same thing) is an example of what you can do. Also, check with Craigslist too because there are many people offering free stuff (including, but not limited to furniture). Last, but not least, joining a freecycling group or website may also help you stumble upon pieces of furniture that are in good condition.

Move Around

OK, this is not technically “furnishing”, but simply “mixing” your pieces of furniture. For instance, you could exchange your bedroom furniture with the furniture in your guest room or you could move around the pieces of furniture in one room as well. While this may not mean that you have actually “re-furnished” your home, it will definitely breathe new life into your house.
If you decide to do this, make sure you do it 100% safely and that you get help from someone! Some of the furniture pieces may be very heavy and the last thing you want is to end up hurt!