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Splurge or Save: Tips for Finding Your Next Camera

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Have you decided to buy a new camera? If so, you are probably wondering whether or not you should spend more on your next camera or if you should actually save money and go for the cheaper option. Truth be told, nobody can “dictate” you what to do – but what we can help you with is providing you with some tips on how to make the best decision for yourself. Continue reading and find out more!

Should You Splurge on a DSLR?

Generally speaking, DSLR cameras are considered to be more expensive than other types of cameras. However, the price comes with advantages as well. DSLR cameras will help you take better, clearer pictures, they will give you a wide range of choices when it comes to “accessories” and they will help you shoot photos that look more professional (due to the fact that you can manually overwrite more functions so that you can create something truly unique).

Prices for used DSLR cameras start at $200 and for new cameras they start at around $300. Sure, how much you pay for such a camera depends on what you want from it and what you want to “add” to it (such as special lens, what brand – is it a Fufjifilm Digital Camera and so on). But overall, a DSLR camera can probably be much more affordable than some people would think.

Should You Save on a Point and Shoot?

Again, it depends.

It depends mostly on what you want your camera to be able to do. If you want “professional looking” (or at least semi-professional looking) photos, few point and shoot cameras can achieve that (and only under certain circumstances). Sure, photography is not all about technicalities and over the past few years we have seen how even a smartphone can shoot amazing photos if the “eye” is set on the right thing. However, the quality of your camera will affect the quality of your photos.

A point and shoot is a great idea if you really, really don’t want to spend too much on your new camera. If you want a “basic” camera to take some pictures when going on holiday or when celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in your home, such a camera will be good for you. Even more, point and shoot cameras are great if you don’t want to carry too much around and if you feel that using the “presets” will not bother you.

Prices for this kind of camera can be really, really low (they can even be under $10 if you are willing to buy something that’s used and rather outdated in terms of technology). A decent camera will probably cost around $70 (used) and just a bit over that for a new camera. Keep in mind that there are point and shoot cameras that can cost much more than that too (even thousands of dollars for limited editions manufactured by certain brands)! Either way, there’s a lot of money to be saved with a point and shoot if that’s what you really want.

Make sure to analyze your needs and then put them in balance with your budget. As you have seen, there are low-cost DSLRs, as well as high-end point and shoots – so the decision is really up to you in the end.