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Small Money Saving Tips You Can Start Today

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Saving money can be tough – especially with, oh, all the temptations out there! But considering today’s economy, having extra money saved in your piggy bank can save you from a lot of trouble – including avoiding to get in (more) debt.
If you’re looking for some simple money saving tips you can start today, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of easy to follow tips you can actually stick to – so make sure to read on to find out more!

Buy Your Ink Cartridges Online

No matter if you need Canon Printer Ink  or another brand, chances are you can find it online at a fraction of what you’d pay in a traditional store. Because there’s not the same overhead costs, online stores can keep the prices down. And as it’s something you’re not going to need to try on, it’s perfect for ordering online.

Start Signing Up for Rewards and Coupons

Companies these days know that people need to save money – and in order to build a loyal base of customers, they’re more than willing to offer a variety of coupons and reward systems for those who want to buy their products. Good news is that this will actually help you save money, especially if you learn how to maximize all the coupons, deals and rewards you “meet” along the way. So, give it a go and search for these companies or supermarkets, sign up to their newsletters and start saving money.

Make a Shopping List

You probably heard this before, but making a shopping list before doing your weekly grocery can help you save money. The reason this works is because you will feel less inclined to buy things you don’t need (which, yes, happens a lot, especially with all the super-offers, mega-deals and shiny/sparkly/attractive products you don’t actually need to buy, but end up doing so precisely because they’re so super-mega-shiny-great). So, take a look at your cupboards, pantry and refrigerator and make a list of the things you actually need.

And if you want to go a step further, make a list of the things you want to cook in a week (yes, cooking at home saves money too). You don’t even have to cook every day – if you cook more than you and your family can eat, simply freeze everything and heat up later on in the week.

Get Acquainted with Free and Budget-Friendly Entertainment

We need to have fun – and that’s perfectly understandable. What we don’t need is spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month (or even every week) to have fun. Yes, you don’t need to cash out your entire month’s income to entertain yourself. Here are some alternatives you could start thinking of today:

· Don’t go to the movies and don’t rent them – stream them online. There are services that cost as low as $10/month with unlimited streams at your fingertips (literally)

· Don’t go out with your friends – ask them to come over. Buying food and drinks from the grocery store will always be less expensive than buying them out.

· Turn off your TV – read a book, crochet or do something else instead. Seriously, your TV is slowly and steadily accumulating tons of money-to-be-billed on your electricity bill. Plus, reading, crocheting and taking on any other hobby can be much healthier for you and for how you feel.

· Sign up on a swapping website – it will give you the opportunity to swap DVDs, books and music and thus save money in simply not buying new ones, but swapping them with other people.