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How to clean away limescale

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Limescale is a notorious household annoyance. When allowed to build up in boilers and pipes, the hard white substance can reduce the efficiency of the system, causing household heating bills to skyrocket — something every homeowner wants to avoid. Not only that, in extreme cases, it can cause components in your boiler to fail, resulting in hefty repair bills.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to control limescale in your home, focusing on how to clean it away from the most problematic areas.



As previously mentioned, the boiler is a particularly problematic area of your home. There are ways to minimise limescale build-up within the system and pipes though, helping to reduce the amount of problems you face.

Combimate has developed a limescale inhibitor. The easy-to-fit device contains Combiphos, a 100% natural substance that prevents limescale from forming, allowing your boiler to perform as it should. Because it is all-natural, it poses no danger to the quality of your water.


Your kettle is another hotspot for limescale, which is unsurprising when you consider how often it’s used! If you do have a build-up in your kettle, it can easily be rectified by quarter-filling it with either lemon juice or vinegar. Leave to stand for around an hour before filling it to the recommended limit with water and boiling.

Empty the kettle and rinse with cold water a few times to remove any traces of the vinegar or lemon.


Washing machines

A build-up of limescale in your washing machine can cause your clothes to look dirty even when they’re not. The good news is there’s a really simple solution to fix this. Fill the detergent space of your washing machine with either lemon juice or vinegar. Without putting any of your clothes in, run a cycle.


You’ll be pleased to know that limescale on tiles is really easy to get rid of. Simply dampen a cloth with vinegar or lemon juice and scrub across the affected surface. Rinse away the remaining solution for glistening results.