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Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Fussy Families

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When it comes to buying the right Christmas gifts, it can be a bit of a headache to try and please the whole family. It can also be quite expensive, so here are our top picks of presents that won’t break the bank but will delight your loved ones.



Sunglasses work as a lasting investment. A cheap pair may seem good value at first but they’ll lack the quality you need. Instead, buy a slightly more expensive branded pair such as Superdry glasses. They’ll last longer, provide better UV protection and delight any fashionable family members you’ve got.

Car Lovers

For a universal present that car lovers will love, you can purchase an aux adaptor to let them listen to their favourite music on the move. Better yet, these sell for less than £30 and will appeal to all kinds of car owner, no matter their gender or age.



Most people love a good hot drink, whether they’re a coffee, tea or hot chocolate fan. You can usually buy a personalised mug for less than £10, meaning whoever receives it will stand out at work or at home and get plenty of use out of your gift.

Discount footwear

Even the fussiest amongst us have to wear shoes. Do your research and find out exactly what kind of shoes your loved ones want, then buy them from a discount independent retailer such as Mastershoe, which has deals on Dr. Martens and more. Avoid the larger stores that put a higher price on items and try to haggle down prices with voucher codes and other deals.



For the younger family members in your home, it pays to buy toys that offer good value for money. Building block kits like Lego, K’nex and other construction related toys all provide good value thanks to their ability to create multiple toys from the same set.

Alternatively, you can create some low-cost toys with a bit of DIY skill. See websites like Buzzfeed for inspiration.

Three for two bargains

One of the best reasons to head to larger retailers is for special three for two deals, such as those available from Boots and Matalan. You can pick up a range of gifts for all kinds of people there, from little make-up kits to washbags and even homeware.

eBay bargains

If you hunt for long enough, the internet can herald some amazing bargains. While a used item might not be the first thought for Christmas presents, you’ll be able to find heavily discounted items on online marketplaces like eBay. Bid at the last moment to try and capture the sale.