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Small Tips to Save Serious Money Over Time

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Life is expensive and not everyone can do what I’ve done: move to a significantly cheaper country and stop paying taxes. While my choices have been a little extreme, it’s because I can see the important of cutting my daily expenses. If you can’t move to a beautiful latin country, do not fear! There are simple changes you can make around your home that will eventually result in big changes down the line. To get started, read on:

Buy Cartridges Online:

Do you still print out pages for your business, your studies or is there someone else in your household that loves to print? It’s no surprise that ink cartridges are expensive. While the prices of in home printers have dropped and dropped to the point of costing as much as a few cups of coffee, the prices of ink cartridges has stayed pretty steady. Replacing all of the cartridges can set you back some serious coin, so I personally prefer to buy them on a discount site, such as – I tend to order in advance so I can keep a few on hand for when that fateful time comes, and it always does.

Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry:

This is a no brainer, but have you ever gone to the supermarket hungry? I have made this mistake a few times and while it’s great for whatever supermarket I’m visiting, I tend to overcompensate for my hunger by buying an assortment of things that I don’t need or that aren’t particularly healthy for me. This can be bad for my waistline, but even worse for my bank balance. A hungry shopper is an emotional shopper. Eat before you go, pack a shopping list and ensure that you do your best to stick to it.

Get Things Repaired, Not Replaced:

We have a consumption mentality. The other day one of my cardigans developed a hole in it. I was tempted to buy a new one, I mean, it would actually be easier to go to a store to get a new one than it was for me to track down somewhere to repair it. But I spent a little time researching and in the end paid a few dollars to repair a cardigan I was prepared to throw out. While this might seem like a minor saving, imagine if you did this with all your clothes and appliances, where possible? Not only are you helping the environment, but you’re saving money too.

Be Gentle on the Pedal:

You might be like me when you drive and a bit generous on the gas? Do you find yourself stopping and starting, driving fast and then slow? Adjusting your driving conditions to the traffic around you – for example not accelerating when you can see you’re almost at a stop sign and so on is a great way to increase the fuel efficiency of your driving and of course how much bang you get for your buck. Chances are gas is one of your biggest expenses, so why not reduce it?

Do you have any tips for ways to save money around your home? I’d love to hear them.