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The 5 Most Common Legal Disputes

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Legal disputes arise when one party feels that contractual obligations were not fulfilled by the other party named in the contract. These disputes can be highly emotional, as there are often personal feelings and attachments involved. Read on to find out more about the most common legal disputes, as well as some suggestions on what to do if you find yourself in this position.


Unfair Dismissal Claims

When you put a lot of emotional and physical effort into your role in the work place, being unfairly dismissed can become a personal setback, as well as financial. Clients that have been dismissed without warning or for poor performance have a legal avenue to make a claim for unfair dismissal. This type of dispute is best discussed with a solicitor soon after dismissal, as time restrictions can apply to filing a claim and disputing the grounds on which dismissal was given.

Personal Injury Matters

Personal injury cases are on the rise around the world. These disputes can be time-consuming to resolve, as they may mean facing off with legal teams of insurers or manufacturers. The best people to handle these disputes are personal injury lawyers such as Sinnamon Lawyers who often can provide obligation-free consultations about your case. They also advise on the process and how long these types of cases can take.



Property Disputes

Disagreements over property are wide and varied, making them a common legal dispute. These cases can assume many forms, including disputes over fencing, strata disputes, development concerns and breaches of contract. Property disputes don’t just relate to homes – these issues can also extend to commercial property, rural land and apartments. These issues are often subject to additional legal matters, such as business disputes or trust agreements.

Estate and Will Disputes

Emotions often are running high following the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, this can be exacerbated by concerns over a person’s mental stability prior to passing. Will and estate matters can be very complex, taking into account property and other assets such as superannuation. There are different ways someone can dispute a will, including challenging the validity of the will and making a claim for the estate based on the relationship with the deceased. It is best to seek legal advice from an estate lawyer if you wish to contest a will.

Commercial Disputes

Just like personal relationships, business relationships are subject to disagreements. Commercial cases can take many forms, from shareholder and partnership disputes to deceptive conduct claims, breach of contract or even workplace relations matters. These disputes can involve gathering substantial evidence and dealing with a whole board of complainants, making resolution difficult. Seeking out a commercial lawyer with experience in the area of dispute is essential for getting the best outcome.

Legal disputes can be incredibly complex, frustrating and time-consuming. The good news is there is plenty of information and resources about legal disputes available to help you work towards the right resolution for your circumstance.