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Adding Modern Style To Your Office Design

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It is important that your office is well designed and looks stylish. Not only do most companies entertain current and potential clients, but employees and possible candidates will also benefit from a positive design. The trend of open plan offices remains for many businesses, but it isn’t always practical, while modern technology and design companies have led the way with innovative spaces that appeal to employees while fulfilling all of the business’s requirements.


Customised Designs

Every office design should be customised to the business itself. Even if you are renting or leasing property, you can use partitions to create distinct spaces, you can add your own furniture, and most lease agreements will allow some degree of decoration and renovation inside the property. Consider the spaces that you need, try to ensure a smooth flow of work between connected departments, and consider giving telesales and call centre staff their own area so their work doesn’t interfere with the rest of the people in the office.

Natural Light

Not only does natural light help create a modern looking office environment, but it encourages greater concentration from your team members. You may not be able to knock walls through or add skylights to introduce light, but you can avoid the use of too many interior walls and large pieces of furniture that block light out.


Another way to help ensure the flow of natural light is to use glass partitions, walls, and items of furniture. If you are concerned about glare, you can use anti-glare glass, you can use coloured glass, and you can add blinds to large areas of glass. Items like glass shelves also look stylish, and they can give your office a truly modern looking finish.


Break Areas

One modern trend that is becoming increasingly popular is to give employees a variety of break areas. Some companies offer bean bag areas, while the likes of Google even have indoor basketball courts and other relaxation areas. While you may not have the space for an indoor court, you can add coffee areas with modern office coffee machines where team members can sit for informal meetings and to discuss projects they are collaborating on.

Incorporating Your Brand

With any office design or office fit-out, you should incorporate your branding. Use your brand colours, and do make sure that the look of the office fits with the look that you want your brand to convey. Modern and stylish offices convey a modern and forward-thinking company and are considered a draw to potential employees as well as potential clients.