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Business Casual Fashion Advice for Freelancers

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Being freelance is not an easy business by itself and working from home only makes it harder. With a crazy amount of distractions and the fact that you don’t have to leave your comfort zone to go work, working freelance can easily increase your chances of procrastinating.

However, working freelance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lock yourself up at home. Meeting with clients, partners and potential customers should be a crucial part of self-employed person’s day on the job.

Working in such competitive environments though, freelancers often compete with medium sized companies for those clients, partners and potential customers. To get an upper hand then, you have to remember that your looks matter!

Improving your appearance might not be immediately at the top of your to-do list, but doing so can be a great way of enhancing your reputation and self-esteem.

In general, it is important you keep up with the latest office fashions, so your clothing and appearance does not go misunderstood, although your appearance should differ based on your line of work. Business casual/smart is a mainstream choice for many professions if you want a good starting point, though a smart dress code is a considerably safe option for any occasion too.

For the latter, here are a few simple rules that we encourage you to follow:


  • Simple pencil cut dress, along with a shirt that will cover your basic outfit

A good clothing option for any business meeting is an outfit that matches a pencil cut dress with a shirt. This is a classical choice for any occasion, and has served a huge number of professionals for many decades. Department stores like House of Fraser and Debenhams usually have great sales on around dresses all year round.

  • Wool or cashmere cardigan is a good option when it is colder outside

Wool and cashmere cardigans are great options for those cold, windy and rainy days. Cardigans are handy as well for the fact you can team them up with shirts in order to mix up your look effortlessly!


  • Smart jackets for more formal occasions

A smart or formal jacket will improve your outfit and make you feel more confident. Jackets are particularly safer choices for meetings with more traditional and possibly more conservative clients. Also, bear in mind that it can always be simply taken off if you begin to feel that you have overdressed.

  • Classic shoes

Shoes are very important when throwing your outfit together, as people often differentiate one another by their footwear. Therefore, it is important never to overlook their quality or fit. Having one quality pair of shoes will allow you to mix-and-match your outfits around them, helping to make you look more professional in the process. However, don’t feel like you need to spend too much on your footwear; simply do your research and use websites like SOLETRADER in order to find the best deal.