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Signs a Medical Career Could be for you

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Are you still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, the quarter life crisis is becoming more and more common as young people leave college (or high school) in an economy where they’re competing with their peers for entry-level jobs.

The medical field is one which will always need workers, as people will always get sick and its one of the few careers which is almost recession-proof and gives you the ability to travel around the world since many countries have a shortage of doctors and nurses. With a bachelor of science in biology or similar scientific program, you will be well prepared for postgraduate education and a career in the medical field.

Here are some signs that a medical career could be for you:

Doctor and patient with prescription at office

Youre not Squeamish

As a nurse or doctor you’ll be exposed to many different scenarios involving blood, weird smells, internal organs, urine, feces and other bodily fluids. You’ll need a strong stomach and be able to regularly deal with these situations without getting sick yourself.

Youre highly Disciplined

A medical career is best for people who have constant drive and self-discipline. You need to be able to keep yourself organised each day and be motivated to work hard. Expect to be able to memorise medical codes, charts, and many other procedures in the field of healthcare.

You Excel Under Stress

If you’re the type to thrive under pressure, a medical career could be for you. You’ll need to know how to manage stress daily, and not to become frazzled if something goes wrong or a chaotic event happens (which it often will). You’ll need to be able to deal with stress safely and efficiently without letting it impact how you deal your job and the experience and health of your patients.


Youre a team player

In the medical field, you’ll often be working in a team and will be dealing with both nurses and doctors daily. You need to be a team player and able to ensure you’re not making others pick up your slack.

Youre a people person

No one likes to be in hospital, and patients are often, scared, bored, sick or in pain. You’ll need to have empathy and sympathy and be able to keep your patients at ease while ensuring that they understand what’s going on. If you’re the type of person who could sell ice to Eskimos and you make friends wherever you go, your talents could definitely be used in the medical field.

You Love Helping People

If you don’t love helping people you should probably pick another industry. You’ll be impacting real people and their families in this industry, and those who do the best job are naturally caring and compassionate and want to make a difference in other people’s lives.

You Love Science

If you have a passion for science and love learning, you’ll excel in this industry. You’ll face daily challenges and problems to work out and will learn more about the human body than you ever thought you would.

If you’re ready to look into medical supplies for your new career, good on you! You’ll love this challenging and exciting field. Be sure to stock up on medical gloves and if you end up working with feet you’ll also need podiatry supplies as well.