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Professor Larry Goodyear Suggests that Travel Clinics in Pharmacies could Make Life Easier for Travellers

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For those who will soon be taking a trip, or even full-time travellers, travelling can often be a stressful experience. Sure, you’ll be making new friends, and seeing new sights, however preparing for a trip can be overwhelming, with so many things to remember.

Flights must be booked, and accommodation should be sorted out-even if just for the first few days of the trip. Travel insurance is a must, and then of course there’s travel vaccines, and antimalarials if you’ll be in a high-risk zone.

Often vaccines get left to the last minute, which can be worrying as many of them need to be done four to six weeks before travel. When travellers feel that they’re running out of time, it can be tempting to simply skip the vaccines and hope for the best, which can obviously be a huge mistake.



In the UK, patients are currently waiting a week or more for appointments, and for those who need vaccines and may have left it to the last minute, this is not ideal. Often travellers aren’t aware of the risks of travelling without being vaccinated, and are in need of helpful, expert advice about which vaccines they need to get, and which ones they can skip.

Professor Larry Goodyear recently suggested that it could be a good option to place travel clinics in pharmacies. The professor is the Medical Director at Nomad Travel, which has ten stores across the UK.

The number of Brits travelling abroad has been steadily increasing year after year. By placing experts in pharmacies, we would be allowing the practice nurse in GP surgeries to focus on other patients and ensuring that travellers can have access to advice and vaccines when they need them, without needing to wait.


Professor Goodyear said that while there are a few vaccines which travellers can receive free at a GP, the long wait times mean that this may not be an ideal solution. Often the most important vaccines still need to be purchased, as do antimalarials. “I’ve heard that people are finding it difficult to get a travel clinic appointment with a GP when they need one”, he said.


While there are currently plans in the works to reduce pressure and wait times at GP practices, a good solution is to visit a private travel clinic instead. While GP’s know a little about every thing health-related, travel clinic staff are highly specialised and have the experience and knowledge to ensure that travellers are receiving the best advice for their individual situations.

Each Nomad Travel store also has a travel clinic and pharmacy, staffed by Travel Health Nurses. Travellers receive a free 20 minute consultation, and they’ll find that the pries are similar or less than other similar providers.


Editors Notes:

Nomad Travel was established in 1990, and each store is staffed by travel experts offering recommendations and advice which is customised for each customer.