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Buying a van for your business

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If you’re running a business that offers delivery or has any kind of logistical element, there will come a time you’ll need a van. They’re on the up, with 4.4 million vans on Britain’s roads helping deliver 81% of goods.

However, buying a new van can be a considerable expense for a small business. If you’re going to part with hard-earned cash or spend any investment, you should try and get the best van for your money. Van Monster produced research and an infographic that will help you decide on the ideal model as they explore what fits into some of the UK’s most popular vans.

Buy or lease?

The first choice you’ll have to make is whether to buy or lease your vehicle. You can either spend capital to buy the vehicle outright, which means total ownership but full responsibility for servicing, MOT’s and repair costs. Leasing means paying monthly and generally paying interest and a final fee if you want the vehicle.

Buying outright generally works out cheaper if you can afford the large initial investment.

What model to choose?

Getting the most value means selecting the right kind of van for your needs. A larger model may cost more, but will be worth it if you need to transport lots of goods. Here’s a breakdown of popular vans and what they offer.


The Ford Transit Custom

2014 UK sales – 33,516

The Ford Transit Custom offers plenty of space for a fledgling business. You can fit around 24 flatscreen TV’s in the van or 40 chests of drawers – making it a good choice to transport any small to medium sized goods. Used models are available for around £12,000 and up.

Volkswagen Transporter

2014 UK sales – 17,221

The VW Transporter is another popular choice and can fit plenty in its high-topped version. It has slightly more capacity and could fit 44 chests of drawers in its large loadspace. Used models sell for around £10,000.


Peugeot Partner

2014 UK sales – 16,632

The Peugeot Partner is the ideal van if you’re running a one-man business and need some space to carry extra supplies. Great for electricians and painters and decorators, it fits around 8 flatscreen TV’s in its compartment. You can grab a Partner at a budget price too, available at around £3,000.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

2014 UK sales – 16,612

If your new business is going to be hauling lots of equipment or products and you need space, you’re best off with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. They offer a massive storage area in the super-high roof variant, carrying around 16 king size mattresses at a squeeze. Sprinters are available at around £8,000 – making them the cheapest and best choice for businesses that will be transporting lots of goods.

If you’re still unsure which is the best van for your fledgling business, take a look at the infographic below to find out more and help you make that all important buying decision.

Van Monster What Fits In Your Van Infographic5