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The Benefits of a Financial Manager of Managers

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The term “manager of managers” is one widely used in the world of business. But rather than being a catch all term for an expert who commands a stable of lower level experts, John Hancock has used this parlance to describe their approach to financial advice and management. John Hancock has a very high opinion of their customers. They expect their customers to be knowledgeable, competent, aware of the way the international finance conversation is changing all the time. This expectation and respect for their customers is borne out over time. John Hancock customers are some of the most financially literate in the world, so much so that they are very likely to help other people manage their money in many different industries.


In this way, John Hancock is very literally a manager of managers. Their level of knowledge and insight provision is some of the most elite in the world, and it is driven to serve the interests of their customers (and the customers that these customers represent). Though John Hancock respects their customers, they also know that no single human can comprehend the complexities of expansive markets, governments, and economies. Despite this inherent limit in individual human understanding, there is the need to comprehensively anticipate the ways in which these massive entities influence finance as a whole, at least if a customer is to turn a profit in any reliable way. For this reason, John Hancock employs many elite experts, with experience in a diversity of financial corners. Each of these analysts provides a thread in the tapestry of their management. No management decision or recommendation is built upon the advice of a single person, but rather the overall knowledge that is obtained by assembling a great body of financial minds. It lets John Hancock function as a manager to the world’s most elite money managers.