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Thinking of Redecorating? Here are the Top Interior Design Trends This Year

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If you’re thinking of redecorating, you’re probably planning to choose styles, colours, and fabrics that are both on trend and won’t date. When we look at how quickly technology is advancing, it’s easy to see why modern design trends don’t stick around for too long, and a trend that was cutting edge a couple of years ago can look dated now.

This is why it’s a good idea to be aware of trends and use them to give your space a little originality without playing into them too much, so your space will be both functional and comfortable.

 There’s a reason why classic interior design trends have stuck around for so long, and it’s because they actually impact the function and form in a home, while some of the more modern trends become dated and fade away as they’re only reflecting a current mood.

Baytree Interiors took the time to talk about some of the design trends which are going to be big this year:



We all know that the colour we choose for our walls is important, since it’s unlikely that you’ll want to repaint frequently. When you look at all the many colours available, you may feel a little overwhelmed at the thousands of choices. The best idea is to choose simply colours, and maybe add a little bright colour in key areas which can then be changed. Pastels are a good way to move away from typical whites and neutrals, while a feature wall painted a bright colour can also be a good way to draw attention to a particular area.


We’re sticking with the classic country furniture this year, and this is a good option if you’re looking for comfortable furniture that won’t quickly look out of date. Yet another reason to stick to neutral walls is the fact that bright and colourful furniture will be on-trend in a big way, with mixing colours a way to create interesting focal points throughout your house.

 For those who like the French inspired Noir furniture, expect to see this make a comeback, particularly for furniture. If you have a bunch of different furniture already, don’t be afraid to mix it up as this is going to continue to be a big trend in 2016 with modern and antique furniture seamlessly working well together.



If you’re looking for a way to change your home without having to go “all out” lighting is a great way to do it. Choose chandeliers and pendant lights with filament bulbs which will give you a nice warm glow and look a little vintage.

 Smart things

With the way that technology is advancing, we can expect that most of the things in our homes will take after our smart TVs, and there are already many systems which can turn adjust your lighing, control your heating and open your garage door. Interior designers will be utilising these technological advances this year.