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Top Tips for Great Skin

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If you’re like me, you’re constantly dealing with breakouts, dry skin, new wrinkles and weird spots on your skin. Whoever said that our skin would clear up after our teen years was lying for sure.

After much trial and error, here are my top tips for great skin:


Wash your face

This may seem like an obvious one, but I know multiple women who never cleanse their face properly. If you wear makeup this will clog your pores if you’re not removing it properly at night, leading to more breakouts (and probably more makeup). A common gripe amongst those who don’t like cleansing is that cleansers make their face dry and tight. But cleansers have come a long way, so simply choose one which is for sensitive or dry skin and follow it up with a moisturiser.

Lock in Moisture

No matter how oily your skin, it’s important that you use a moisturiser. The more you strip your skin of oils and don’t replace them, the more oil your skin produces since it thinks it’s missing out-and this becomes a brutal cycle.

One of my favourite brands for skin care is Dermalogica and I find their products to be light and great for all skin types. Try Dermalogica Active Moist to lock in that moisture and keep your skin looking dewy and fresh.


Check your sleep

In order for your skin to be glowing, you need to be getting at least eight-straight every night. That means ditching the screen time, taking a warm bath or having a hot drink, and committing to going to bed early. Sleep gives our body time to heal, and a few weeks of great sleep will definitely show on your face. If you’re a stomach sleeper, consider investing in a silk pillowcase which will help prevent wrinkles as well as keeping your hair frizz-free. Win/win.

Drink your water

We all know that we need to drink more water, but for some reason we barely ever do. Our New Year’s Resolutions last a few days and before we know it we’re downing the lattes and soda and ignoring that lonely bottle of water sitting in the fridge.
Hate the taste of water? Cut up a few slices of your favourite fruit and let them float in your water bottle. Chilled water has less taste than room temperature water (and studies have shown that cold water burns more calories), so keep your water in the fridge as well and you’ll soon be staying hydrated and making sure your skin is getting all the H20 it needs.


Exercising moves oxygen to our muscles, our brain, and our skin. Sweating out toxins is a great way to give yourself better skin, and you’ll feel healthier, sleep better, and fit your skinny jeans as well. Just be sure to wash your face once you’ve worked out and if you’re not washing your hair, keep it off your face with a headband.