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Finding it Hard Shopping for Christmas for Your Guy? Here are Some Great Ideas

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With Christmas around the corner, we’re all well-versed in the holiday rush. Soon Christmas decorations will be everywhere, Christmas carols will be playing on the radio, and you won’t be able to find a parking space anywhere near the mall.

Smart shoppers do their Christmas shopping early, but what if you’ve got no idea what to get the man in your life? Guys can sometimes be ridiculously hard to shop for.

Here are some great ideas for Christmas for your guy:


An Activity

This gift gives you bonus points since it shows you’re really listening to what your significant other is saying. Maybe he’s been wanting to get SCUBA certified for years, or learn to play the guitar. He could be dreaming about learning a martial art or even want to learn to cook. Picking an activity is a great gift since it can last for months and spark a passion for life.

Sometimes men will put off signing up for a new sport or activity and may need the motivation of having it already booked and paid for, or perhaps your guy is short on money after doing his own Christmas shopping. If you’ve always wanted to try the same activity, why not sign yourself up too, and it will be a great bonding experience as you learn together.

A New Car Stereo

Whether your significant other adores his car, or simply has a long commute to work, a Blaupunkt Car Stereo is the gift that keeps on giving, providing him with entertainment for years to come. He’ll be able to connect it to his iPod or phone, and you can call him without worrying that you’re distracting him since it has Bluetooth hands-free calling.


A Weekend of His Choice

Gifting your significant other with a “weekend” means that he won’t have a large box to unwrap under the Christmas tree, but you could always tie this in as an extra gift. Tell him he can choose to go anywhere (within reason) for a weekend away, and as long as you can both take it off work, you’ll be able to create some memories. Book your flights in advance and look online for savings and you’ll be able to take a welcome break at some stage through the year.


I know, I know, no one wants to be the boring girlfriend who gave socks for Christmas. But if you know he has no professional clothes for interviews, or badly needs some activewear, now’s the time to get him kitted out. This doesn’t need to be his whole present, and you could get him something more fun to go with it, but guys are sometimes terrible at shopping for themselves.

He’ll thank you if he decides to change jobs mid-year, or needs a suit for a funeral, and you can even make it fun by getting him a few pairs of cute boxers to go along with it.