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New Year? New Car. Why You should Upgrade to a New Car in 2016

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As the economy slowly recovers, people are beginning to once again look at how they can upgrade their lives. And as 2015 comes to a close, you may have a few New Year’s resolutions that you’re itching to write down.

of them is to get rid of you clunker and invest in a car you can be proud of, you’re not alone. As gas prices continue to rise, driving an old car can cost more than you think. If you’ve noticed that you’re spending more at the gas tank each week, you might want to compare the cost of a tank (and how long it lasts) with some of the newer cars on the market.

The Vauxhall Adam and Vauxhall Astra are two great examples of the type of car you can get for less than you think. With sexy curves, impressive paint jobs and the ability to create your perfect car by choosing between wheel trims, paint jobs and even the interior roof design, there’s a reason why your current car is making you feel a little depressed.

We all know that climate change is having a huge effect on our environment, and it will greatly influence the type of world we leave behind for our kids. If your old car is coughing and spluttering, and leaving behind a dirty cloud of black smoke every time you change gears or accelerate, it’s time to replace is with a more environmentally-friendly option.

If you have a high pressure job, or simply find yourself under a lot of stress, 2016 should be the year when you take care of the things causing you stress that you can change. If one of them is the fact that your car consistently breaks down (often just when you have somewhere important to be) or you  never know if it’s going to start, think about what you could be focusing on instead. Maybe you could be thinking about how to impress your boss and how to approach asking for a raise instead of wondering if you’ll even make it into the office.


And if your car does break down a lot, you may find that what you’re spending on repairs could easily cover repayments on a new car! Why kick a dead horse? Get rid of the gas guzzler and say goodbye to those weekly or monthly visits to the mechanic, and get yourself a smooth ride for what you’re already paying in repairs.

If your car isn’t too old, and you’re just thinking about buying something new, you may be surprised by how much you’d get if you decide to sell. There are so many websites which can help you sell your car, and with the invention of Facebook and Twitter, you now have multiple ways to market your car and pass it on to someone who will appreciate some new (for them) wheels while you buy a new car guilt-free.