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3 Tips for Saving Money on a Trip to Europe

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Traveling to Europe is so exciting – after all, there’s so much history to see in such a small part of the world. It’s an incredible part of the world to visit if you’re interested in food, too, with so many of the world’s most delicious cuisines originating from here. If you’re like most people with a soft spot for Italian food, then chances are you’re going to want to make at least one pit stop somewhere in Italy, but there’s also France for the incredible cheese and wine, Spain for the delicious tapas and Germany for the amazing beer. Many people feel apprehensive about visiting Europe, especially as it can be quite an expensive destination, especially if you spend a lot of time in Central Europe. But I’ve made a list of 3 tips for helping you to save money on your next trip to Europe!

1. Book a Tour
It might sound strange to save, as often tours are quite pricey, but when you consider how much value they offer, they can often save you money. Tour operators are often able to negotiate great rates with vendors because they’re buying in bulk, which can often save you a lot of time and money. You’ll save a ton of time in the planning process, which is valuable too! But the truth is if you’re traveling alone, sometimes it can be really expensive traveling by yourself and organizing transfers by yourself, so going on a tour can often work out to be cheaper! An added bonus is you’re sure to meet a bunch of cool people on your tour. A Europe Tour might be the fastest and easiest way to cut costs on your trip to Europe, so do a quick tally of numbers to see if it’s more economical for you.

2. Forget Traveling in Summer
Summer is probably the worst time to go to Europe for a number of reasons: most places get really hot, it’s when everyone else goes so it’s super crowded, prices rise and it’s just really hot! I would suggest avoiding winter unless you love the cold or want to ski, as it tends to be very cold. Instead, choose to go in the spring or autumn, it won’t be too cold and it won’t be too crowded. Prices drop considerably, you may even find that tours are cheaper – bonus!

3. Head East
Most people think to hit the typical Europe hotspots and for good reason, people love Paris because Paris is Paris, but many of the typical European hot spots like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Brussels are very expensive. Head a little east and you’ll find some affordable gems, places such as Berlin, Prague, Budapest and even Kiev offer exceptional value for money while still providing much of the charm and mystery that draws travelers to Europe.

Traveling around Europe is such a fun adventure – whether you plan to travel around Europe on a tour or independently, make sure you take these tips to heart as they could save you serious coin!