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Collectibles That Can Quickly Turn Into Cash

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Most of us have a unique fascination with one thing or another that over time can become a full-blown collection. It starts with one item that we randomly come across that peaks our interest. Next thing you know your collection has its own case in the corner of your office.

It’s a labor of love, but some collectibles can also be a wealth creation tool if they have cultural significance. Here’s a peek at some of the most lucrative collectibles to look for the next time you’re at an estate sale or secondhand store.

Historical Documents

If you’ve ever wondered just how valuable the signature of an American president is, then pop over to Raab Collection. They specialize in historical documents that feature the John Hancock of world-famous figures. The founder, Steven Raab, is an avid collector himself that now helps others buy and sell their own collectibles. His impressive collection proves owning your very own piece of history doesn’t come cheap.

Top Cash-out Collectible: Broadsheet of the Declaration of Independence – $2.4 million



The envelope that a historical document was mailed in could be worth just as much as its contents – if it has the right stamp. Collecting stamps was once a popular pastime that has gone by the wayside since email was invented. But older, special edition stamps are still valuable collectibles.

Top Cash-out Collectible: British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta – $9.5 million


Books are another collectible that could be impacted by online reading. However, there is still a strong base of book lovers who enjoy turning an actual page. If you pick up a first edition or an autographed copy of a book or manuscript from a well-known author that has passed away it could be a huge payday.

Top Cash-out Collectible: Leonardo da Vinci’s Manuscript – $30.8 million



Most of us do our best just to collect enough money to pay the bills while others are simply interested in its cultural significance. The U.S. Mint may be questioning the importance of coins and their production cost these days, but some rare coins are worth far more than their face value. Typically, the more obscure and historically significant the coin is the higher the cost will be.

Top Cash-out Collectible: 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar – $10 million

Precious Metals and Jewels

Since the first nuggets were discovered, gold, silver and gemstones have been of value to cultures across the world. Long before printed money existed, jewels and precious metals were the most valuable currency. Today, the historical relevance and artistry of some pieces make them worth even more than the expensive materials themselves.

Top Cash-out Collectible: Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond – $80 million


Sports Memorabilia

Baseball fans may have noticed that the popularity of player cards has declined over the years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still valuable. Baseball cards from the right era, especially rookie cards, can be worth hundreds of thousands. Look for cards that were produced before 1969 in mint condition for the best chance of cashing in. These players are free of performance enhancer scandals and their stats are already set. That helps to make older baseball cards a sure bet.

Top Cash-out Collectible: T206 Sweet Caporal Honus Wagner Card – $1.3 million


If you’ve ever lived in a coastal city, chances are you’ve seen at least one home adorned with nautical maps. During the age of exploration, these maps were life-saving guides that helped sailors find faraway lands. Today they are beautiful examples of a bygone era.

Top Cash-out Collectible: 1784 Map of the U.S. – $1.8 million

No matter what you prefer to collect, remember that cash value is often dependent on the condition of the item. Make sure you research the best ways to preserve them so when you’re ready to cash them out you’ll be able to command top dollar.