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Over 65s: How Much Money Will You Need to Travel Abroad?

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Travelling abroad, especially as you grow older, can require an awful lot of saving and budgeting. The price of holidays doesn’t lessen, and yet the chances are that your income has.

Although it can be tempting to try and reduce your overheads, however, there is a danger of going overboard and short-changing yourself. After all, there are some costs that you simply can’t skimp on, and the worst time to discover exactly what they are is when you’re already on holiday.

So how can you prevent this scenario? The best way is to work out a cast-iron budget beforehand. To help you out, here are the most important things to add in.


Unless you’ve chosen a package deal, in which case this cost and the price of your flights will be combined, the first thing to look at is how much it will cost you to stay overseas. Although many people don’t like to make a final choice about where to stay until they’ve finalised some other decisions, it’s a good idea to make a shortlist of around five hotels or apartments in the location you’d like to visit, and then calculate a rough price guide based on these.


Although there are good deals to be found, simply assuming that you’ll be able to find flights within your budget is not the best way forward. Instead, once you’ve picked your location, take the time to sit down and look at the average cost of travelling to it. Make sure that you don’t just look for the best deals, as these may not be when you want to go; rather, type in the exact date that you want to fly to get the most accurate quote.

Spending Money

The amount you’ll need to spend will vary depending on where you visit, with some places proving far more expensive than others. The average holidaymaker is estimated to require spending money of £500 per week, but the best way to assess your needs is to use a holiday budget calculator, such as this one.


Last but not least remember to add in the cost of insurance. As you grow older, you’ll find it increasingly hard to find a provider to cover you, especially on a budget. Your best bet is to approach a specialist such as Able 2 Travel, as these businesses should offer you a more favourable deal than standard insurers.

When you’re done, add these four costs together, and you have a nice, precise budget to work from.