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How to save money on getting around

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Have you vowed to save money in 2016? Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can do so, from cutting the cost of your weekly food shop at budget supermarkets to getting cashback on your online purchases.

However, it can be difficult to save money on one essential: transport. Whether you’re travelling by bus, train or car, here are our tips and tricks for saving money when getting around.



The bus is one of the most affordable forms on transport but shelling out for multiple return tickets in a week can rack up a huge cost. If you do plan on taking the bus regularly, a monthly bus pass may be a better investment for you. Available from operators like Stagecoach, the more you use the passes, the more you’ll save.

There’s plenty of great deals out there for students too. Stagecoach’s unirider student bus pass is available to anyone who has a valid student ID card. Valid for travel at any time within your chosen zone, it’s a great option for getting around campus or socialising with friends.



Unless you book weeks in advanced, travelling by train can be extremely expensive. If you’re aged between 16 and 25, will be travelling as a family or are aged 60 and over, you can purchase a railcard. With each card costing just £30 a year, you can enjoy up to one third off rail fares — a considerable saving by anyone’s standards.

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Generally, running a car is very expensive, with insurance, tax and fuel all costly must-haves. The good news for drivers though is that the price of petrol and diesel has recently dropped to 99p a litre. This can cut the cost of filling up considerably, if you head to the right places.

Always check the price of petrol on the pumps themselves — it’s not unusual for the price advertised to differ from the actual cost, which could mean you’re getting a worse deal than you originally thought.

By making some careful considerations when it comes to how you travel, you can save plenty of cash. Whether you put it towards home renovations or treat yourself to a family holiday, it’s sure to come in handy!