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5 Ways to Become a Stay-At-Home Mompreneur in 2016

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The New Economy

In the past, moms had to either choose to stay at home with their children, or they could remain in the workforce and find outside childcare. Now as we enter a new age in the economy, a choice is no longer required. With the impressive technology so pervasive and widely available, more and more moms are turning to creative ways that let them truly have it all. They can stay home with their children and save on the costs of childcare while also creating a thriving, fulfilling business.

Many companies offer both moms and dads the option to telecommute some or all of the time, but a significant number of stay-at-home parents are instead opting to branch out and create their own businesses that let them dictate their schedules and lifestyle.

Here are 5 ways to become a mompreneur in 2015:


  1. Create A Blog

Blogging isn’t just a hobby. It’s something that provides millions of people with a legitimate career each year. Along with setting up your blog, creating content and building relationships, the best ways to monetize it are through advertising, affiliate marketing or, of course, the sale of products, both digital and physical. Some blogs may also offer services as a way of making income.

  1. Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Let’s say you love to cook—why not use that as a way to make money, while simultaneously being the driver of your schedule? You could create a service that prepares home-cooked meals for clients and then delivers them each week, or perhaps you could begin a baking service for special events. If you love art, set up a shop on a site like Etsy and start selling your items. One of the best general tips for starting a successful business is to do so with passion, which comes from focusing on your individual interests.

  1. Become An Investor

You may not think of yourself as ready to take on investing as a career, but it can be an excellent way to make money without having to leave home. Do research on various investment opportunities, including penny stocks, which aren’t very costly and can turn into a significant profit.


  1. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be something you do as a blogger, or through the creation of a website. Essentially with affiliate marketing, you’re promoting another company’s products, and you earn a profit on each item you’re able to sell. A successful affiliate marketing program does require a lot of work in most cases, but since you can do it from home, you’re still enjoying flexibility.

  1. Works As a Consultant or Freelancer

Perhaps you had a lucrative career before deciding to stay home, but you don’t want to give that up altogether. Instead, start a consultant or freelancing business where you utilize your skills from the workplace, but on a more limited and flexible basis. As your children get older, you can grow your business.

Finding The Inspiration

Stay-at-home moms and also dads are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs. There are even groups and international events aimed at mompreneurs, so as long as your able to find your inspiration in today’s digitally-driven marketplace it’s possible to create a substantial business from within your own home.