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Turn Up The Volume On Your Money

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Substantial monthly income is a responsibility as much as a blessing. Using it for slow and steady growth in stock and retirement accounts and avoiding the many pitfalls of being young and financially successful rank at the front of the line in terms of priorities. Having fun and enjoying life with fortune is right behind them. However there’s a fourth thing those earning good money should consider, albeit cautiously, and that’s taking calculated risk for the chance at making returns bigger and/or faster than through traditional means.

It must be reiterated: adventurous investment of extra income versus more secure methods is something which can get otherwise successful people in a lot of trouble. For example, famed American author Mark Twain, renowned for his literary genius, went bankrupt investing in ill-designed printer technology. Imagination can get make the most of you as well as get the best of you.

Never put money into an exciting, ambitious, but otherwise chancy investment you can’t afford to lose. Stick by that rule and very little can go wrong. With that said, those seeking the safest of the world’s so-called risky ventures can get inspired by the following ideas:



There’s the traditional and relatively secure long-game investing who everyone with extra monthly income should be doing. Then there are the many non-traditional forms of investing, such as binary options. These appeal to investors keen on the long-term trends of company stock but disinterested in day trading. A drop beneath the purchase price warrants a total loss whereas any gain, results in a preset value, often in excess of the actual growth. It’s an all-or-nothing form of investing; further information can be found here.


Again, those wishing to take some risks with their extra income need be informed and aware of the major variables at play regarding any one specific venture being successful or not. Nowhere is this more important than in the world of crowdfunding, where young well-off individuals around the world are able to browse countless dreams and help make one or more come true if they so decide. Those wanting to find tomorrow’s Apple in order to have a dominant stake from the beginning will most likely find it through crowdfunding.


Global Marketeering

The value of products and services is relative to location. What sees little profit margin in one hemisphere may have double or even triple the cost benefit in another. Those able to travel are especially gifted with the means to observe markets on an international scale to determine what needs can be met by simply providing the link between goods and their untapped consumers. However being a seasoned traveler isn’t necessary; global e-commerce markets make it easy for people to connect with companies and individuals overseas in the pursuit of business.

Real Estate

The web doesn’t need another breakdown of why real estate is numero uno in terms of tangible and dynamic places to put your money and expect a return. What the web does need is a reduction in the emphasis paid toward rapid fire buying and selling of property for quick profit. “Flipping” as it’s popularly known, is not the only way to find adventurous success in real estate. Another way is to think long-term: know where property values are going to increase and strike early enough to see rents increase substantially. Business-zoned properties are ideal, but newbies should favor residential space when starting out. Once again, research and tactical reasoning are keys to success in this risky and oftentimes frustrating method of earning returns

What to do with extra income is a hefty responsibility few people blessed to have it take seriously. Most choose to do nothing, while the responsible opt for safe ways to use it for slow and steady returns. Virtually everyone will use it to enjoy themselves in one way or another. However there’s a fourth vein through which extra income can flow, and that’s the adventurous albeit calculated investment. Enter the game with no more than you can afford to lose, and play smart to win big.