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3 Emergency Contacts You Want in Your Phone

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Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Wrong. That’s not the answer to that question. If you get hurt, in trouble, or in financial straits, you need the right numbers in your contacts list. Each of these contacts should represent a real relationship you have with a trusted ally. You might be surprised how many adults are unprepared for common difficulties that come along with life. Then again, you may not be surprised. You might be one such person. If that’s the case, the time is now to make a change. Get out there and find some trusted professional allies, who will give you the time and attention you need if the worst happens.

1)    An Accountant. If you have money and do not possess professional accountant-level skills, you need a trusted accountant on your side. Money problems can happen a lot of ways. An accountant can do your taxes scrupulously, making sure that you’ll never have any problems with the IRS. An accountant can also keep track of your business and/or personal finances, to make sure your inflow and outflow are happening efficiently. If you currently do your own books, you should stop unless you possess the skills to do them perfectly well. Many accountants are not expensive at all. But you definitely want to employ one before an emergency strikes, so he or she will be familiar with your books before a resolution is necessary.

2)    A Lawyer. When the worst happens, this is the worst possible time to start looking for a lawyer. If you are in legal trouble, whether or not the fault is your own, you will not be in a frame of mind to start vetting legal counsel. In a situation like this, it’s important to have someone who’s not just experienced, but personally sympathetic to you as an individual. Many lawyers try to do this, but if you don’t have a rapport with your lawyer, you won’t get the best counsel that you can get. So start looking for lawyers now. There are many problems they can help you with: traffic violations, PPI claim form difficulties, injury issues, and much more. Be ready for the unknown with a lawyer you trust.

3)    A Doctor. Many adults are so busy that they never see a doctor. Until something goes wrong. You’d be shocked to realize how many wealthy people are out there who don’t even know who their PCP is. Whether you are in poor health or not, you’ll want a doctor who you are comfortable with, because one day you will have a health concern. When that day comes, you want to have a doctor who you trust.

There are other emergencies that can pop up in an adult’s life. But these three relationships will save you much of the stress and difficulty that these problems will bring you. If you don’t already have these people in your corner, take some time. It’ll mean making a few appointments, but once you are comfortable with a good lawyer, doctor, and accountant, many of the potential difficulties of your life won’t seem so difficult at all.