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Spending Less: Top Tips for Making Your Stuff Last Much Longer

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If you want to save money, one thing you should be doing is ensuring you get as much life as you can from all of your stuff. Whether it’s your food, your clothes, your appliances, or your car, there are many hacks that you can use to make them last longer.


Add Water to Soap Bottles

This is one of the simplest hacks that will save you a small fortune over the years. If you use liquid hand soap, remove three quarters of the bottle and keep it in a separate bottle. Then just fill up the quarter that remains with water. You’ll find that it does just the same job of cleaning your hands, but it will last much longer.

Get More Life from Your Car

Cars are a large expense for most people, so it makes sense to save as much money as possible. Making your car last much longer than it is expected to basically involves looking after it properly, such as changing your air filter on an annual basis, checking the oil level, driving it carefully, braking slower, and getting it checked up regularly.

You can also take steps to protect the interior. Use a device like the seat protector from to protect the seats and make them last longer.


Chill or Freeze Candles Before Using Them

Like using candles? Hate that they burn down so quickly? Then chill them first! Cooler candles burn slower so they last longer. Some people recommend chilling them, but you can freeze them if you prefer.

Keep Your Razor Blades Dry

Razor blades can be expensive, so it makes sense to make sure they last as long as possible. The thing that shortens their life is water, which leads to oxidation and blunt edges. So dry your razor blade after each time you use it. You can either do this with a paper towel or by cleaning it with alcohol after using it.

Prevent Your Clothes from Ageing

If you can get more life out of your clothes, you can save a lot of money. Clothes have to put up with a lot of wear and tear, and washing and drying them is what damages them the most. While there is not much you can do about washing, apart from perhaps using a gentler wash cycle or washing them in cold water, you can certainly opt for line drying your clothes instead of using the dryer, and this should ensure they last longer.


Flip Your Mattress

Flipping your mattress is a well-known trick that can help your mattress to last longer. Mattresses are a large expense, so make yours last longer by flipping it regularly and turning it around. You can also use a mattress pad to reduce stains.

Prevent Food from Spoiling

Food is a large expense for many people, so make sure yours lasts as long as possible. There are many ways you can do this, including:

  • Prevent cheese from hardening by applying butter to the cut end.
  • Add lemon juice to cut apples to prevent them from browning.
  • Place a paper town into your salad bowl to soak up moisture and keep it fresh.
  • Keep bananas separate rather than as a bunch to make them last longer.


Buy Longer-Lasting Bulbs

Sometimes simply choosing the right products in the first place can help to ensure they last longer. For example, you can buy light bulbs that last longer, which are usually the eco-friendly options. They will also reduce electricity use, saving you more money.

Get More from Everything You Buy

Saving money involves making sure that you only use as much as you need to. By always looking for ways to increase the life of everything from your food to your car, you can avoid spending more money than you need to, which can add up to serious savings over the years.

Connor Gray is known Mr Frugal to his friends and family. An avid saver and “make do and mend” kind of guy he shares his knowledge on saving, budgeting and living frugally for a range of personal finance and lifestyle sites.