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Bought a new holiday home? Simple DIY tips to improve your investment

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A holiday home is a great investment, and if you take good care of it you will find that it will grow in value, as well as give you and your family many happy hours of relaxation and pleasure. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get it looking great and keep it that way – some DIY tasks are inexpensive and simple to carry out.

Color schemes

Keeping it simple can really pay off when you are decorating your holiday home. A neutral color scheme means that you can add splashes of color with accessories, and these can be changed whenever the mood strikes. However, there is nothing wrong with making your whole color scheme very bright. For a holiday home, you might want to add a bit of sunshine with the help of a nice yellow shade and a summer sky blue. Simply painting the walls is far cheaper than doing anything else with them and it does not take very long to do.


Again, furniture is something that you can keep very simple in your holiday home. It should be both functional and comfortable but it does not have to be expensive. Depending on the location of your holiday home, you might want to consider furniture that fits with the surroundings. A cottage in the country? Think rustic in style. By the sea? Consider items that fit well with a nautical theme. Plenty of wooden furniture will give the image that you are looking for here.


Finishing touches

It is important not to forget the finishing touches when you are decorating your holiday home. Window dressings, for example, are a great way to add a flourish to a room, but you are not limited to drapes or blinds. Did you ever consider window shutters? These are a great addition to any room and look elegant and stylish. They can also easily fit with a country or seaside theme. You might be concerned if you are on a budget, but you would be surprised how many people say: “I thought the cost of plantation shutters would be higher”. The true cost is actually far less than you might think and they are not that difficult to have installed.

Remember that there are certain tasks that you should not tackle yourself when it comes to renovating a holiday home. If work needs to be carried out on the electrical system or the plumbing, you would do better to get in a qualified professional to complete the task, for your own safety as much as for a professional finish.

It can be very rewarding to complete some or all of the required DIY on a holiday home, not least because you know that you are adding value to the property. If you do have a budget to stick to, plan the work in advance and figure out what you can and cannot afford to do, prioritizing essential work before adding the luxury finishing touches and creating the relaxing holiday home that you want.