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The Shoes Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

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I don’t know about you, but when it comes to shoe shopping I have a tendency to get a little…crazy. Something about seeing all the pretty shoes lined up in rows in stores convinces me to lay down my credit card every time, and while I tell myself these will be the shoes I get the most use out of, they often end up sitting lonely and sad in my closet.

After much trial and error, here are the basic shoes every girl needs in her closet:



I’m starting with my favourites first, since these are the shoes which I end up spending the most money on and wearing the least. I’ve learned a few tips when it comes to high heels:

  • Always break them in before you go to that big event, even if you just wear them around the house a few times.
  • Grab those sticky gel things which you put in the toe and heel of the shoe to cushion your feet.
  • If they’re not well broken in, take bandaids so you can cover up any blisters and save yourself some pain.

The trick with heels is to buy fewer pairs of cheaply made shoes, and just one or two classic, comfortable and sexy shoes which will last for years. In my opinion every girl needs a pair of black stilettos, which can go with everything, so these are the shoes to splurge on.



I never used to be a fan of wedges, but they’re a surprisingly comfortable way to get the height and “dress-up effect” of heels but without the chance of breaking an ankle. I like wedges for holidays and by the beach, so choose a fun colour based on your favourite outfits.


I know, I know, many people believe that flip-flops don’t truly count as shoes. But flip-flops are great for wearing on flights, at the beach, or just lazing around the house. Flip-flops have also come a long way and you can get some very pretty pairs which dress them up enough to be worn in public as part of a cute outfit.



These may be running shoes or cross-trainers, but if you’re the type who likes to work out, these are a must. If you have flat feet or high arches, invest in a pair of sneakers which will give you all the support you need to work out without hurting yourself.


Boots are my favourite for autumn and even cooler spring weather. Ladies Boots come in a range of styles, lengths and colours, and I often end up with multiple pairs of boots waiting to be worn. Boots are something which can last for years though, just choose a classic pair like leather ankle boots which you can wear with jeans or a cute sundress and a pair of higher boots with a heel if you’re the type to wear them out on the town.