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Having Trouble Sleeping? Check Out These Top Tips

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If you’re like me, you go through stages of great sleeps, followed by weeks or even months of mediocre sleeps or even a little insomnia. Or perhaps you’ve always been a terrible sleeper and you’re just now deciding to tackle the problem once and for all.

If you feel like you’re the only one who isn’t getting enough sleep, don’t worry. Recent studies have shown that most people aren’t getting enough Z’s, which is something that is detrimental to our moods, health, and waistlines.

In fact sleep is crucial for our ability to concentrate, burn fat, and feel like a human being. So why are so many of us not getting enough?

If you’re having trouble sleeping, here are some top tips to help you get more snooze time:


Track your sleep

Download an app or use the note app in your phone (or simply keep a notepad and pen beside your bed) so you can write a note about your sleep in the morning. If you find yourself awake at all hours, try to remember why you woke up, what time it was, and how long it took you to get back to sleep.

There are also some great apps which will track most of this for you- including how restless your sleep was, since smart phones are now smart enough to be able to track our movements through the night (as long as they’re on the bed with us).

It’s also a good idea to write down how much sugar or carbs you’ve been eating, how many cups of coffee you drank that day, and whether you had alcohol before bed. These are all things which can affect the quality (and quantity) of our sleep, and you may be more sensitive to one particular thing than you though.


Exercise is a great way to get oxygen to your body and your brain, waking you up and helping you feel alive. it’s also proven to give you a better sleep, so commit to exercising at least 5 days a week since this will also usually have a good impact on your diet as well.


Leave Work at Work

If you’re the type to work in bed at night, it’s time to quit. Look at rearranging your day so you can get everything done during normal work hours and you’re not going to bed thinking about a project or stressing about deadlines. Working late into the night won’t make you more productive, but it will make it harder to sleep and will lead to burn out- particularly if you feel exhausted the next morning.

Invest in a new Mattress

It may seem glaringly obvious, but many people forget that our mattresses can greatly influence how we sleep. Often we look at changing multiple things through the day, when the problem is really our old, unsupportive mattress. If you have a double mattress or king size mattress you may notice that you’re leaving an imprint in the morning or one side feels less supportive than the other, so it may be time for an upgrade.