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Gifts for Those That Have Everything

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Are you struggling to buy a gift for someone you love but concerned that a gift card or even outright cash isn’t thoughtful enough? I understand how frustrating it can be pacing the mall trying to figure out that perfect gift. As we get older, and many of us are able to buy whatever we want, there’s less and less room for ‘perfect surprises’. Instead, we’re often gifted presents we’ll disregard as soon as we can. What a waste! I would rather give my friends something I know that they would use, so here are my suggestions for those who have everything.

A Hamper or Gift Basket

Who doesn’t like food? Wine? Hampers and gift baskets are great gifts, especially during times of need, such as when someone’s having a baby, dealing with an injury or a loss and so forth. Because Hampers/gift baskets can provide relief, they’re a great multi purpose gift. You can choose to make your own hampers to give to those you care about, or you can purchase a hamper from House of Bruar. Either way, your gift will be well received, I’m sure.

An Experience

Why not book the person who has everything into an experience. Send them skydiving, book them into a luxurious hotel for the weekend so they can unwind with their partner. Pay for them to enjoy a ride in a fast car. Whatever floats your (and the recipients) boat goes here. This will be as individual as your friend, so think about that one thing they’ve always wanted to, but haven’t.

Foreign Currency

Have a friend who’s a bit of a travel bunny but unsure of what to get them? If you’ve already got them all the travel essentials – or know they have them already – why not consider buying them some foreign currency for their next travel destination.

Something Homemade

If your friend really has ‘everything’ then they’ll want for nothing. You can surprise them by making something thoughtful, practical or helpful. Recall your interactions with this person; was there anything that stood out as they needed? Perhaps you just want to make a card, or perhaps it will become something more elaborate. Something handmade is a great gesture because it shows you not only took the time, but the energy to make them something unique and special.