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Tips for Saving Money Around the Home

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The 2008 economic crisis may be long gone – but truth be told, most of us still struggle with our personal finances. Thankfully though, there are plenty of means by which you can save money in simple ways – and following we have gathered some of the best tips for saving money around the home. Read on, find out more and inspire yourself to save more!


Grocery shopping list

Making a shopping list before you go out to restock on grocery is imperative if you want to save important sums of money. Take a good look around your cupboards and refrigerator and make sure to put on the list all those things you really need. Then, go to your favorite supermarket and actually follow the list. Don’t let yourself be fooled by all the super offers on items you don’t really need – follow your list and steer clear of buying “extras”. Chances are you don’t actually need them.

Furthermore, keep in mind that using coupons is another effective way to save money on your grocery shopping. Also, keep an eye on prices in various supermarkets. Sometimes, they market products as being on discount when, in fact, they are actually more expensive than in other places.

Use white vinegar

This may sound like an odd piece of advice, but white vinegar is a very inexpensive way of cleaning almost anything around the house. From wooden floors to tiles and from your shower to deodorizing the refrigerator, white vinegar is a true wonder in any household. There are literally tens of uses for this very basic item and you can end up saving a lot of money by replacing a wide variety of products with it.


Dollar store items

There are a lot of products that are more than just fine when bought from the dollar store items. Dishwashing sponges, tape, wrapping paper, party supplies, cards, cups, coloring books, socks, candy, cleaning products, holiday decorations – these items are much cheaper in the dollar stores and they work just as well as the very expensive ones. In general, stay away from electrical items, kitchen utensils, food bags, protection items, tools, toys, vitamins and tin foil and the dollar stores will be an oasis of money-saving “tricks”.

Organize at-home movie nights

Going out for a movie can be quite expensive, especially when there’s an entire family that needs tickets and snacks at the cinema. Instead, you could organize movie nights for the entire family right at home. You just need a bit of homemade lemonade, a large bowl of popcorn and a Netflix subscription – and your family will be more than delighted with the idea, for sure!

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Buy ink cartridges online

If you have a printer and if you use it regularly, your ink cartridges can end up costing quit a lot of money. Buying the cartridges online from places that offer great deals is a really good way to save some money, so don’t hesitate to do this as well. offers a wide range of ink cartridges online.