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Things to think about before modifying your car

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Ever wanted to splash out on a new set of wheels for your car? Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of buying the latest in-car entertainment system? Altering your vehicle can be a great way to give it a personalised look and enhance its performance. However, while you may be keen to kit out your car with the newest mod cons, it’s worth taking a minute to consider the possible consequences in terms of cost, safety and the law. If you’re thinking about modifying your car, here are some important things to bear in mind.


Your insurance costs could rise

Before adding new parts to your car, it’s worth noting that they could cause your motor insurance to soar. The main reasons why insurers bump up the cost of premiums for modified cars is the increased risk of theft and accidents and the fact that repairs may be more expensive. Even seemingly small changes can have a significant impact on the cost of your policy. However, there are ways to modify your car without spending a small fortune on insurance. One money saving tip is to shop around to find insurance providers who offer competitive cover for modified cars. An efficient way to peruse your options is to go to specialist broker websites. For example, it’s quick and simple to compare Chill car insurance quotes. Make sure you always notify your insurer of any changes you make to your vehicle, as not doing so could put you at risk of having a future claim rejected and invalidating your insurance completely.


You could be compromising your safety

It’s also crucial to remember that some modifications can compromise the safety of your vehicle. For example, built-in entertainment devices, such as music players and navigation systems, can be distracting when you’re on the roads. As the driver, it is your job to remain in control of your car and practice safe driving to avoid putting yourself and other road users in danger. To remain safe, any changes to your car’s brakes and suspension system should only be made if the handling will not be compromised. All work must also be done by a skilled mechanic and it’s a good idea to seek advice from the vehicle manufacturer beforehand to ensure new parts are approved and road-worthy.


You could be breaking the law

Not only can certain modifications increase your risk of an accident if you’re not careful, but they could also land you on the wrong side of the law. For example, it is illegal to remove an exhaust silencer and if you add an exhaust that makes the car louder than the one before you could face a hefty fine. You are also breaking the law if you install a TV screen or anything with moving images in view of the driver. Adding too much window tinting or having tinted lights on the rear reflector is also not legally permitted.

By bearing these implications in mind before modifying your car, you should be able to avoid any financial shocks and stay safe and legal on the roads.