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Hopping into a New Home: Some of the Unexpected (Worthwhile) Expenses

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Going from that small college dorm or shared space when you’re young to buying a larger space you can call home can be quite the dramatic change not only in the amount you’re paying but the amount of space you’re suddenly hopping into.

We don’t always want to “keep up” with others in our block but there is this feeling like we need to fill the spaces we’ve acquired whether it’s an additional room, garage, or that backyard you’ve always been wanting. Sometimes we simply want to take advantage of the space because we finally have it.

Well . . .

As someone that did that jump from a very small (and, I mean, very small) apartment to a townhouse, I can say that those extra rooms instantly become a bit overwhelming when you see that they’re empty but… they’re also an opportunity:


1.You can instantly fill the space and increase the perceived value of your home by tapping into great deals at local furniture stores. Be sure to look for special financing options where you can save even more. For example, stores contract with a company like Crest Financial who, in turn, offers their customers options like 0% interest, in-home layaway and more. These offers can save you money and let you pay over time.

2. If you’re going right into rent-to-own or buying your house outright, it means you’re going to naturally clash with some of the design choices of the previous owners, so you may want to lean toward new trends. when you redecorate. Let’s all admit that we’ve seen enough of those house hunting shows to know what we want. Those expenses will really come into play and although you can try to cut corners like waiting for sales or tapping into thrift stores – you’ll still want to make some solid investments into the foundation.

3. The property value of your home quickly increases based on what you present on the outside. When you’re purchasing a place it’s important that you look at the opportunity that you have in terms of improving the lawn and landscaping. Also, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the house always looks great.


You can go quite a long way with basic actions that end up creating a better living environment but also an increased value in the home (if you ever do decide to move on). Even the little things that weren’t showing up right away with the move such as doing the trim, touching up paint, replacing outdated appliances, or fixtures, is enough to instantly make the value improve.

If I were to say anything to someone moving into a larger location (that’s not just an apartment) it would be this:

  1. Always make sure you have an inspection prior to the signing
  2. Understand your need for your space and how you plan to fill it
  3. What are simple, but effective, ways to improve the property value

The first, real piece of property you own is going to be quite stimulating and scary but one that has the opportunity to push you forward into the next, best thing. There will be plenty of new challenges, spaces, financial decisions, investments, and improvements that need to be done.

Look out for the educational sources that will keep you grounded. Seek those services that will expedite the process. Property is a hard game but if you’re quick and ready to make the right moves to create the right presentation you can not only live in a great location but also pass it on at a good profit.