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Tips for Getting a Bargain on a New Bike

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Bicycles have been around for decades – and yet, it was only just not very long ago that we drew our attention to these marvelous inventions once again. As the pollution grows higher, as people get less and less fit and as cities are more and more crowded, bikes are, again, perfectly valid means of transportation.

And we love them so much! They are fun, useful and they can help both the environment and our own health.

How do you save money on buying a new bike, though? We have gathered some of the best tips for getting a bargain on a new bike – so read on if you want to find out more.


Do your homework

Once you have visited a few shops and once you have already decided on what type of bike you want, don’t rush and go back home to do your homework. Research online and see where the best prices for that bike are, then go back to the shop with a target price in mind. Usually, you can get a bike with up to 20% less money than the original price, but you should open the negotiations with at least 30% lower than what you have in mind, so that your seller has some space to “grow”.

Engage your seller

The longer they spend their time with you, the more involved they will be in actually striking a deal with you. Ask a lot of questions, keep your seller engaged and he/she will most likely be more willing to negotiate the price with you – precisely because they have invested a lot of time in you as a lead. This is a tactic that works with most of the sellers (and not just bike sellers).


Keep your enthusiasm low

Even if you find the perfect bike and you absolutely love it, you might want to keep your enthusiasm as low as possible. Being too excited about a product (again, any type of product and not necessarily just a bike) will send the message that you are willing to pay any amount of money. Instead, letting yourself be convinced of the quality of a bike will make the seller “work” for the deal (and thus, he/she will be more willing to negotiate on the price as well).

Get ready to take your business elsewhere

If you see the seller is not willing to negotiate and if you see that he/she says they have a policy against dropping the prices, be ready to take your business elsewhere too. Sellers are more than willing to strike a deal and they hate seeing a customer walk away from their shop – so it’s likely that walking away will be just the tactic you need to use to get a better deal.

In the end, one of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to get a bargain on a new bike is that you should take your time. Don’t rush, do your research and only settle on the product that meets all of your needs.