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Translate your online business into Spanish

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If you want to expand your business into other languages and cultures Spanish may be the best place to start. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is spoken in numerous countries around the world.

We explore why Spanish translation can give your business the edge it needs to grow in this increasingly global and online market.


Increase your online reach with Spanish translation

If you want to expand the global reach of your business a great step is to translate it into one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. Over half a billion people across 3 continents speak it as their first language. It is in fact the second most spoken language after Mandarin.

Spanish also makes up 4.6% of the languages used online, making it the fifth most used language on the internet. It is so widely spoken that it is one of the most beneficial languages for UK and US businesses to have translations of.

Spanish translations lets your business access big economies

Spain has the thirteenth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP, and sixteenth-largest by purchasing power parity. It also has rich trade relationships with other larger countries and world powers, such as Latin America, Northern Africa, the USA, China, Japan and India.

London Translations, a company that do much Spanish translation for business, note that renewable energy is on the rise in Spain and that the tourist industry continues to boom.

Mexico has the ninth largest economy worldwide and has major trade relations with the USA. Although they speak a variation of Spanish to that spoken in Spain, a translation between the two countries is relatively simple.

There’s is also a huge portion of the USA that speaks Latin American Spanish, second only to English. The US is a huge market to break into. If your company is speaking the two most commonly spoken languages in the USA then you may have an advantage over the competition.


Does it matter whether you choose European or Latin American Spanish translation?

It’s important to differentiate between European and Latin American Spanish when looking to translate. But once you have translated into one version it puts you in a position where it is simple to translate into another variation of the language.

Whether a business chooses European or Latin American Spanish, they have the ability to introduce their company into some of the world’s largest economies by offering Spanish translations. This can be a huge help in business expansion.