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Making Your Properties Stand Out With Video Tours

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Whether you’re hoping to rent out a spare bedroom or sell the family home, the modern real estate market is fiercely competitive. Moreover, with the advent of the digital age, just getting prospective buyers through the door has become increasingly challenging. Rather than simply browsing listings for size, location, or other key details, tech-savvy buyers expect the modern listing to show them something special about the property.

This is where video comes in. By employing video tours as part of your property listings, you can reel in browsing buyers with the standout features of your home.

The Benefits of Property Tour Videos

Property tour videos can add much to an otherwise mundane real estate listing. Firstly, one of the prime benefits of these tours is that they encourage engagement and action. As the folks at Green Residential observe, “Nearly half of all Internet viewers take some sort of action after viewing an ad or video,” a rate significantly higher than with text only posts. In the case of real estate, then, video can be the difference between potential buyers following up on your listing or just gliding past it.

Another benefit of using video tours to advertise your home or rental property is that videos demonstrate character in a way that pictures and descriptions alone can’t. We all know how this goes: even for vastly different houses, most real estate photographs give off a similar vibe. Videos, on the other hand, as Maggie Gordon of Greenwich Time describes, can be customized to tell a story.

One agent, profiled by Gordon, describes a family home she put on the market. By using video, Gordon took this elegant home from the generic to the charming,creating a video premised on a game of hide and seek. Her video tour “follows a young boy as he sneaks through the home like a secret agent, hunting for his friends” who are hidden among notable features of the home. This kind of video demands more creativity than your average advertisement, but the returns are worth the effort.


Making Your Video Tour Stand Out

If you opt to make a video to advertise your home or rental property, you’ll want to take a few steps to make sure that your video is top notch. Before you start filming, you’ll want to prepare your home. As Daryl Calvo explains, the first step to listing your home, whether you’re making a video or not, is to prepare the property. This preparation includes giving everything a good scouring, eliminating clutter, and seeing to any necessary repairs. Don’t arrange any showings, virtually or in person, without seeing to these concerns.

But, of course, a clean home isn’t enough to draw buyers to a property, and it won’t add much character to your video. One thing that will, however, is you! If possible, employ someone else to hold the camera while you conduct the property tour. You know your home better than anyone else, so you should be the one sharing facts and stories about what makes it unique.

If you’re trying to rent a property, one feature that Anna Geary of Show My Property TV recommends is the use of testimonials. Interview your current renters or other past property residents. If you’re the landlord of a larger rental complex, feature renters from a variety of backgrounds to attract the widest group of potential residents. For homeowners, testimonials may include a good word from neighbors; after all, the neighborhood is an important selling point for many homebuyers.

Ultimately, when it’s time to sell, a virtual tour video may be just the tool you need to increase demand for, and interest in, your property. Particularly among landlords, video tours are an underutilized resource that can bring life to otherwise boring listings, and we all know that boring doesn’t sell. Now is the time to put your property in front of the lens, and let your video tour do the talking.