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My Basic Shoe Staples to go with Every Outfit

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If you’re the type to see those shoes you just have to have and blow your budget, only to wear them once before they’re thrown to the back of your closet, you’re not alone.

But the problem with having a shoe habit is you end up spending money on multiple pairs of cheap, painful shoes when you could save for basics which will last you years.

Now don’t get me wrong- I like a shoe splurge as much as the next girl. But I also ensure that I’ve got the basics covered before I buy more shoes each year. Here are my basic shoe staples to go with every outfit:



Boots are perfect for spring or autumn weather, and with such a huge range of styles, colours and lengths available it can be hard to choose the perfect pair. Check out Rieker Boots for a pair that won’t break the bank, and consider how you usually wear your boots before purchasing. I personally like to have a pair of shorter boots for during the day and a long pair (maybe with a heel) for going out at night or brunch during the weekends.


Sandals are basically a classier version of flip-flops, although they usually offer more support and can either dress an outfit down, or have details which can dress an outfit up. I love to have a bit of bling on my sandals, but this is a personal decision (and I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny things). Choose a pair which will last, and go for leather if possible so you can wear them again next year.


High Heels

Love them or loathe them, high heels can literally take your outfit to new heights. After years of trial and error, and walking around clubs and bars with no shoes on (classy) I’ve learned a few tricks. No matter how cute those $19 heels look, you’re in for a world of pain if you buy them. It’s time to invest in a pair of heels which you can wear for years and to many different events. This means a basic black (or other dark colour) which can go with multiple outfits and be worn at everything from funerals to weddings.

Instead of buying pairs of cheaply made and painful high heels, put some money away each week in a shoe fund so you can invest in a pair of high-quality heels which you’ll treasure for years to come.


Wedges are where you can afford to shop a little cheaper. They’re far more comfortable than stilettos, and they’re more of a fun shoe- perfect for cruises and holidays by the beach. Choose a fun print or design, and be sure to take a walk in them before you buy them- that way you’ll know if you’ll be wobbling all over the place (especially after a few drinks).