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Best Places in Europe for a Foodie

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It’s no secret that I love to travel… and part of the reason I enjoy travel so much is trying a variety of food. I’m heading to Europe in May and I can’t wait to explore some new countries, including Denmark. For most people food serves a few purposes, of course it is nutrition, but it’s also a way to connect with friends and family, try other cultures or pay respect to our own, and for those who love to cook it can be a way to express yourself.

If you’re a big foodie it can be pretty hard to plan where to go in order to hunt out the best food. Many countries around the world celebrate with a national food week or food festival. If you’re planning on going anywhere, it could be a wise idea to time your travels so that you can hit up a few of the local food festivals. If you’re visiting Europe this year, why not try to plan your trip around some of the best cuisines and food festivals?

I found this fun infographic the other day that lets you find out the most popular national dishes and main food festivals for each country in Europe.

Check it out below: