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Becoming An Expat

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I’ve recently become an expat, although it’s not the first time. I lived in the Czech Republic for six months a few years ago, but it wasn’t super independent. I was living with a host family, being paid by them and didn’t start the process of staying on a more permanent basis. This time, in Guatemala, things are very different. I’m applying to be a permanent resident. I bought my own vehicle. I’m getting settled and it feels really nice. 

There are a lot of reasons I decided on Guatemala, firstly the language. As someone who only speaks English, I was ready for the challenge of learning a second language. There’s also the tax issue; it’s no surprise if you read my blog that I’m not a big fan of paying tax and living in Guatemala means I don’t have to. Another reason is the lower cost of living. All in all, I should end up in a much smarter position, financially, if I live here. 

Being an expat comes with it’s own challenges, especially when you’re navigating the process in a foreign language. There’s not a whole lot of information online about expats; how long they’re staying, where they’re going and why. That’s why when I saw this infographic, below, I was pretty interested. If you’re considering becoming an expat or already are, why not take a look and maybe you’ll learn something new about the world of being an expat. 

Have you been an expat anywhere? If so, where and for how long?

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